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Season 4

Episode 59

(Wish A Start Without An End (9)

Qin Zhi’ai thought she misheard. She was shocked for a second and stood there still for a while with her head tilted. She thought it must have been a car as she heard the sound of the car grow louder. She realized that a car had driven into the driveway. She kicked her chair away without any hesitation and ran out of the dining room, rushing to the window in the living room.

With the dim light in the front yard, Qin Zhi’ai saw the car that Gu Yusheng liked to drive around. It suddenly stopped in front of the house.

He had come back.

She had waited on him three times in her life. Finally, the third time, he showed up.

Even though she had waited for him the whole night, Qin Zhi’ai still felt touched and happy that he had finally made it.

Qin Zhi’ai turned around and ran to the living room without even thinking.

When she had just walked to the shoe cabinet, Gu Yusheng had punched the passcode in on the door and pulled it open.

Qin Zhi’ai stopped and looked at Gu Yusheng. She was extremely happy that he had finally come back. When she spoke, she had her mouth curled up to smile at him. Her voice sounded happy and excited, too. “You’re back.”

Gu Yusheng hadn’t expected her to be awake. He was shocked and stood at the door for a second before he laid his eyes on her face.

Her smile was beautiful and sincere.

Before, she had seemed timid whenever she saw him. He had used to want her to act this way in front of him. However, at this moment, he didn’t feel right seeing her this way.

Gu Yusheng only glanced at her and moved his eyes away immediately, not responding to her. Instead, he walked past her.

The light in the living room wasn’t on. Only a few blinking lights from electronics were on in the room, so she couldn’t see Gu Yusheng well. She simply thought he was tired and asked again when he walked past her, “Did you eat anything yet?”

Qin Zhi’ai realized that it was already bright outside after she asked Gu Yusheng that question. It was nearly time for breakfast. She reworded her question right away. “Are you hungry?”

Gu Yusheng still didn’t respond to her. He bent down to take off his shoes after he had closed the door behind him.

Qin Zhi’ai immediately opened the shoe cabinet and took out Gu Yusheng’s slippers. She bent down to put the slippers in front of him, then continued to say to him, “I made a lot of food. I can heat it up for you—”

Before she could finish talking and straighten her body, Gu Yusheng had changed his shoes and walked past her again. He walked straight inside.

Qin Zhi’ai was shocked for a second. She straightened her body and followed right after Gu Yusheng. As she was about to talk to him, she noticed Gu Yusheng’s appearance in the sparse lights in the living room.

His beautiful eyes were red, while his clothes were wrinkled and dirty. He smelled strongly of smoke.

His face was ashen. He always kept his face clean, but a beard had grown out on his chin.

What had he done to himself? He looked terrible.

Qin Zhi’ai instinctively thought he must have had trouble at work. She asked with concern, “What happened?”

He must be tired and in a bad mood, Qin Zhi’ai thought to herself. She continued, “I’ll get the tub ready for you. You might feel better if you can relax a bit in a bath.

After giving it a bit of thought, Qin Zhi’ai turned around and walked to the kitchen. She poured a glass of hot water and placed it on the coffee table. She pointed at the sofa and said, “How about you have some water first? Take a rest. I’ll let you know when the tub is ready for you.”



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