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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Seven🎰


Her eyes twitched a little clearly surprised. As always when nervous, I raked my hands through my hair.

"Yeah, on you. You're close to the movie so my mind has been on you as you're close to the movie." I blurted out again and it didn't even make sense even to me.

"Oh okay." She says not going further but I could tell she wasn't buying it but also glad she didn't ask questions. I'd just blurt out trash again.

"We should continue watching the movie then. It's almost done."

"Yeah. Okay." I said glancing at her one more time before putting my full attention on the movie. Well not my full attention, a part of me was still focused on her.

She said she loves me but what do I feel for her. I like her but what if it's just attraction. I haven't slept with her so what if that's all this is?

How can I be so certain I'm in love with her and not just attracted to her body.

"Skylar, are you paying attention?"

"Yes, I am." I responded forcing a smile.


After a while, the movie ended but I was still racking my brain for a suitable answer. I didn't get any.

"I should get going now."

"Are you going to see your mom?" I ask, she shakes her head in negation.

"But why?"

"Well, she might be busy. I'll go see her some other time. I just want to go home and rest."

"Alright then." I moved forward to peck her cheeks, she turned around and that time and our lips met.

I didn't expect it but the second her lips touched mine, I pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

Hearing her moan into my lips only encouraged me further. I picked her up. Like on cue, she wrapped her legs around my torso. I had no idea the moment I was taking her up the stairs.

Refusing the break the kiss, I gently kicked the door open and placed her on my bed.

The make out session was getting intense. 

"Nessa...." I groaned out and before I could do anything, her hands were roaming round my body.

I had no idea where she got the confident from but she started undoing my buttons and soon my shirt was off.

Her eyes were daring the moment she sucked on my neck harshly, I tried to control myself but it was of no use, my hands had a mind of their own and they slipped into her dress giving her boobs a light squeeze earning an encouraging moan from her.

I got snapped from my trance the moment her finger tips reached the hem of my pants, they were shaking as she tried to undo them 

I had no idea what came over me, it felt like I got splashed with cold water and I gentle pushed her away taking my hands off her.

"What's wrong?" She asked panting.

" I can't. We can't." I said trying to catch my breath.

"But I want to."

"No you don't, you don't need to take off your clothes Nessa."

"But you'd do it with any other girl."

"You're not any other girl Nessa." I said a little annoyed that she'd compare herself to one of my fuck buddies.

"Right, of course I'm just the girl you obviously don't want to have sex with." She states in a firm tone.

"I'm sorry that I threw myself on you obviously you're not interested. Goodbye."

She stands up without letting me reply and walks out of my room slamming the door behind her. I fell on the bed too perplexed to go after her because even I didn't know why I couldn't have sex with her.....



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