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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Six🎰


Without the Sergeant's help, I highly doubt we can pull this off. Nessa obviously has her mind made up about not trusting him.

I didn't want to go behind her back but I felt it might actually come to that. If it means putting an end to everything, I'm prepared to do just that.

"We'll talk better at school on Monday. After today, you deserve all the rest you can get."

With that said,I stood up with my hands in my pockets.

She chuckled nervously walking me outside.

"Umm Skylar, about what I said at the prescent. You think maybe we could just forget and act like it didn't happen?"

Surprise washes over my face before I offer her a response.

"Not a chance."

I turned around and start walking home.

I almost forgot it was Friday. Good thing I had already told coach I would miss practice. Usually, I would be on my way to a party. I remember Sasha babbling about me taking her to one. Too bad. I got my phone out and switched it off before she starts calling wondering where I went.


Weekends were always the best to watch a football game and sleep in. I had no strength for the first so I resulted to sleeping in.

I got up when it was nearly noon, my parents had left a note saying they went out so I was officially bored indoors.

When I eventually turned on my phone, I saw about thirteen text messages from Sasha. I "mistakenly" deleted all of them of course and tossed my phone to a corner.

Then, it beeped as a message came in.

I wondered if it was from Sasha again as I picked it up.

💬 My dad's out. Mom's getting discharged today but I bet she's going home to her husband and her other family. Anyways, I was wondering if I could come over and watch a movie or something. I'm just really bored. VANESSA.

I read the message twice before jumping up and doing a little happy dance. I texted her that I felt the same way and she could definately come over.

💬 I'll be there in half an hour 

"30 minutes, I better get things ready."

I arranged the living room getting some popcorn and a few movies for her to choose from. A month ago, I would be arranging my bed to have sex with the girl but with Nessa, spending time was good enough for me.


The door bell rang and I dashed to open the door. Of course she walked in wearing a plain skirt with a small smile plastered on her face.

"Hey..." I greeted placing my hand at the back of my hair nervously.

"Hey..." She repeated my greetly fiddling with her skirt.

"Alright. Umm I got a few movies that we could pick from."

"Sounds perfect."

She beams taking a seat on the sofa.


I expected Nessa to pick a movie like frozen or maybe the notebook. She surprised the hell out of me by going with "Terminator" 
I watched her facial expressions concentrating on the movie. I've been doing that for more than ten minutes.

She isn't like other girls, most of them would care about their eating habits in front of me. How they look, the type of movie preference they have. But with her, she seemed so natural.

"Fuck Skylar! Did you see that." The excitement was clearly visible in her voice.

"S-see what..." I ask clearing my throat.

"Have you been watching? The movie's almost over, it's amazing." She licks her lips taking in the left over popcorn. My eyes are stuck there unable to look away.

"Have you even been concentrating on the movie?"

"No." I says truthfully.

"We've been watching it for over an hour now, if you haven't been paying attention, where has your mind been all these while."

"On you...." I blurted out.....




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