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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Five🎰


Don was smart, he is smart. He could easily think of a way to kidnap my mom, bending me to his will without getting his hands dirty.

I can bet anything that the doctors have being paid to turn a blind eye towards her for a few hours. In the end, it's my task to sneak her back in without alerting anyone. It was easy carrying her within a small distance but now I have to take her through the elevator and into her room.

If I'm caught with her, I'll have alot of explaining to do. If the tranquilizer wears off, I'll have alot of explaining to do and worse if her other family arrives and she's not there, I'm dead.

I racked my brain thinking of the perfect one to slip her in, undetected. I snapped my finger formulating a plan.

I've seen this in a movie before so it's guaranteed to work. Except that was the scrip line and in real life I'll fail woefully but I had no other option.

I got a face cap and covered my hair before getting one of the big buckets or whatever it's called used by Janitors for keeping mops and the rest. I carefully placed her in it. She was a little heavy making it tedious to roll her towards the elevator but I did.

I got out and walked towards her room, opened the door and exhaled when no one was there.
Carefully placing a napkin over the CCTV camera. I  placed her carefully on the bed staring at her face before spunning around, escaping. If they watch the footage, I'm sure nothing would be done because Don has some doctors in his pockets.

I took off my face cap with one thought in mind.

"Movies don't lie after all."


Once again, I was pacing around feeling unsettled.

Standing at the porche of her house, I wished I had gone to help her instead of waiting but she made me see to reason that Don might still be watching over her.

So I had to wait for her to arrive.

"Finally..." I said out loud when I noticed her car approaching.

"Did you do it?"

She nods her head in affirmation and we walk in.

"What about your father?" I ask curiously.

"He's out I supposed."

She says clicking her tongue.

"So what are we going to do next?"

She adds and moves to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"Firstly, we need to secure the recording. I need you to give it to me."

She looks at me hesitantly.

"If it remains with you, Don can easily manipulate you into giving it out. Trust me."

She exhales, disappears into the house and emerges after a while with the recorder.

"Thank you. I'll safe guard this."

"I trust you."

She says making me smile.

"Firstly, we need to find out who's in his pockets and who's not. I noticed an officer acting suspiciously before the op. I think he's the mole."

"Don said he has people everywhere. It might be the sergeant."

"It's not him." I retort confidently.

"Just because he's your dad's friend doesn't mean we can trust him. I have a bad feeling about him."

She says making me shrug.

"Nessa, you've been through a lot. I can understand why you won't want to trust anyone but Mr Harold has a lot to loose. He's probably lost a lot already. He can help is, we can trust him." I said in a reassuring tone.

"I trust my instincts Skylar and they tell me we need to find another way."

"Alright. We'll find another way." I say outwardly but a part of me strongly disagrees.



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