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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Four🎰


I have to admit this is good. Mr Harold might loose his job but with what Nessa said, he might not even be on our side.

Now, Don will relax for a while thinking he's safe. He won't Want to come after Nessa just yet, he'll lay low giving us time to formulate a good plan.

That was extremely smart, duplicating the recording.

"I know I said it before but that was really smart. I mean if you hadn't done it, we would be so dead. Don would have everything to bury us in the sand and we would have zero defenses against him."

"I'm just glad my mom gets to be safe."

"An hour ago I was dejected, confused and sad. But now, I'm so happy I swear I could kiss you."

I freeze realising what I just said. It seem to have the same impact on Vanessa as her lips twitches slightly. A small blush crept to her cheeks before she looked away.

"I know I said we'll talk about it another time but I mean it, I could just kiss you."

I repeat taking a deep breath. She stands up, marching to where I stood. From her demeanor, I actually thought she was about to hit me or something.

"Why don't you don't." She shrugs her shoulders lightly before I crash my lips on hers.

I missed this, the feeling of her soft lips against mine. The taste of them as I try to gain dominance. This was neither the time nor the place but I doubt either one of us could stop. I finally break the kiss after a few seconds taking a deep breath.

"Umm, my mom...." She trails off clearing her throat.

Just the , her phone started to ring.

"It's him."

She announces answering.

📞 Where's my mom. I beckon on her to put the phone on  speaker so I can hear.

📞 Calm down, I just got home. My parents are sueing the state, how fun is that. I've messaged you to coordinates to where your mom is. My men are there too, go alone. He says firmly.

📞 Oh and Nessa, this isn't the end. I'm so not done with you. I felt her tense up at his threat, he hangs up and I spring into action.

"He says I should go alone."

"You don't think I'm actually letting you go alone are you?"

"I'll watch from a safe distance, I promise."

I say touching her cheeks.

"Let's go get your mom."

She holds her car keys lightly  before walking towards her car, driving off. I wait for a few seconds following her at a safe distance.



I reached the place where he had ordered me to go. It looked abandoned but I had no other option than to go on.

My phone beeped, a message came in.

💬 First door. It read, I inhaled before twisting the knob of the door.

"Mom!" I exclaimed rushing towards her.

"Boss says to take her to the hospital"

"What did you do to her!"

"Nothing, just gave her some sleeping pills. She won't even know she was kidnapped." I didn't see their faces but I had a feeling they were smirking.

"Now get out of here before I get any ideas, you have a sweet piece of ass."

It's hard because she weighs almost as twice as me but I find the energy to get her up and into my car. 

"I'm so sorry mom. I promise you, he'll pay for what he did to you." I grab my phone trying to control my anger and disk Skylar's number.

📞 It's done. I say when Skylar picks up.

📞 Good, we'll meet at your house and this time we formulate a perfect plan.  I nod my head although he's unable to see me....




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