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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Three🎰


The situation presenting itself was extremely perplexing. Without that evidence, the sergeant would loose his job and position. Don would go free and Vanessa would be in danger yet again.

I knew it. Mr Harold's task force couldn't be trusted. Someone must have sold us out. My heart started pounding against my chest wondering where Nessa must be. I hope she's okay.

I got my phone out dialing her number, I won't stop until she answers.


I snuck in, grabbed the recorder and got out perfectly. I don't know how I did but somehow I did. I guess it had something with being in the moment. I knew if I didn't do it, my mom is as good as dead. I dialed the number quickly hoping the police hadn't arrived yet.

📞 Wow, that was quick. I figured you'd want your mother to die after what you found out. His grumpy voice said through the receiver the moment he answered.

📞 I have everything here, the recorder.

📞 Play it. He commands, I press play and our conversation plays out.

📞 I have to admit, that was smart of you. Recording it like that, too bad it was all for nothing.

📞 The evidence is gone, release my mom.

📞 The police will arrive soon. Once they arrest and release me, your mom would be safe. Then, I want you to leave the recorder at a place that I specify.

📞 But that wasn't the deal, you said the moment I get the evidence.

📞 Well that's the deal now and remember, you can't tell Skylar anything. Don't even think of going to the police, you'll never know who's clean. He says hanging up. I took a deep breath knowing I had put my mom's life in jeopardy.


We stood gob smacked. The next course of action was unknown. There's nothing we could do now, by the time he's taken to the prescent. The only way he can be processed is with submission of evidence which we don't have.

Don won't even see the insides of a jail cell before he's released and Mr. Harold might loose his job. Not might, he will loose his job. They'll look for a guinea pig to put it down on. No one would want to collaborate his statement. Fuck!

"I have no idea how this happened. I think you're right Skylar, there is a mole inside. Or else I don't see how he could've gotten the evidence. I've ordered for everyone to be searched "

"It's of no use, they've gotten away by now. I'm so sorry sir."

"No, don't be. I'm angry how can someone clearly guilty just walts away Scott free."

"I will do everything in my power to make sure he goes down."

"I need to go Sir, there's someone I have to find."


I went to Nessa's house hoping she would be home and they hadn't got to her.

When I got there, I met her seating on the porch looking dejected.


She raised her head clearly not expecting me to show up.

"Skylar you...."

"We'll talk about what you said later on. You should'nt be outside, it's not safe. We under estimated Don's influence, he stole the evidence. He has a mole. Mr Harold..."

"Can't be trusted. I can't trust anyone."

"Wait you know?"

"Yes, I do."


"Because I'm the one who stole it. I'm giving it to him. He kidnapped my mom."

"Do you know what you did! Mr Harold is going to loose his job because of us, you should've come to me first Nessa. You should've come to me first!"

"My mom was in danger, I still don't know who he has in his pockets. I couldn't risk it, I still can't."

"Now he's going away Scott free, you're still in danger because we have nothing against him."

"Not necessarily, he sent me a place to drop the recorder. I have. But before I did, I duplicated it. Gave him the duplicate so it wouldn't appear tampered with when we use the original in court."

"Are you saying you still have the original recording?"

"Yes, I do."

"Nessa, you're fucking brilliant. Crazy but still brilliant." I say earning a chuckle from her....



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