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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Twenty One🎰


I stare at them for what seemed like hours. Moments later, she carefully shoved him away and ran off.

The corsage fell from my grip and tears threatened to spill.

I wanted to surprise her, be a good boyfriend. Was I even her boyfriend?

Be a good person. She showed up for my graduation, I did right by her to come for hers.

Instead I get a punch in the heart. 

"He was just there."

Her words keep ringing in my ears. I scoff and walk away when my phone starts ringing.

The caller I.D tells me it's Nessa but I have no intention of speaking with her.

She calls repeatedly and I decline every last one walking as far away as I can.

After I've gotten to a safe distance, I answered the call.

📞 Hi.

📞 I screwed up Skylar. She says sniffling at the other end. 

📞 I screwed up really badly. She added breaking up in hard sobs. I can hear her crying profusely at the other end, my heart softens and all I want to do is pull her in and dry all those tears away.

📞 Tell me you're on your way here. I need you Skylar.

At those words, I turn back and start moving towards her school.

📞 I'll be there soon. What's wrong?

I don't why I didn't inform her I had seen her. Maybe because I wanted to hear her side of the story. Or maybe because she's already broken as it, if she finds out I saw them, it'll be worse.

📞 Just get here. I'll explain everything but please just get here.

Her tone is desperate and I increase my pace. 


Students are already getting seated when I arrive. Nessa is no where to be seen.

💬 Where are you? I wait for a few seconds but she doesn't reply.

I barely know my way around here and by barely I mean I don't know my way around here.

Thankfully, my phone chimes and a message comes through.

💬 I'm in one of the classrooms. Come inside the school and I'll see you.

I follow her directions and move inside walking in a straight line.


I hear her call, I turned and she's there. Hawled up on the floor, crying her eyes out.


I crouch to her level and it only seems to make her cry even more.

"Hey, stop it. Just stop it. Tell me what's wrong."

Her head is on my shoulders and she just won't stop crying.

"I screwed up that's what happened. I have no idea why I keep messing up when it comes to you. First Don and now....Fallon."

"Who's Fallon?"

"That other guy."

"What happened?"

I cringe and wait for her response even though I already know it.

"He kissed me and I didn't push him away."

Her voice breaks up and it's like another round of hard core crying comes up.

"I'm so sorry Skylar. I feel so dirty, so stupid. I thought I had feelings for him but after this kiss, I just hate myself."

She's tearing up and my shirt is getting soaked in her shirt.

"Hey, look at me!"

I snapped raising her head.

"I once watched a movie and I learned a few things. Sometimes, you need to kiss the wrong person to realise what's right."

I said and her eyes lit up.

"So you're not mad?"

"Of course I'm mad. Another guy kissed you. I'm also glad because it means you're sure of your feelings and there a win. You can't keep beating yourself up in here. It's already happened, what you need to do now is take my hand so we can go close this chapter of your life and start a new one."

I stretch out my hand waiting for her response.

Seconds later, she claps it with mine and I pull her up taking her into my arms.

"Let's go...."


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