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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Nineteen🎰


I'm driving at a speed I didn't know could be possible.

My parents would definately be home so my house is a totally bust.

"My former place. I sent a cleaning service there every week just in case. "

"Back to reading my mind I see."

I retorted before swerving the car to that direction.

By the time I pulled over, we both jumped out of the car.

She reaches for the doormat and gets the keys out.

We both get in gently closing the door behind us.

It was a little late so I quickly turned on the lights.

"So, here we are..."

I trailed off and she reached over for my hand.

"If you don't want me to because I'm in experienced, just say so now "

Bowing her head slightly after each word, I had to lift her chin up to meet my gaze.

"I told you to stop saying silly things. Of course I want you to. I just don't want you to get the feeling that I forced or made you do it. It should come because you want to not out of excitement."

I said making me shrug.

"Are you ready Nessa?"

She shakes her head in negation just like I thought.

"We won't go too far then. "

I reassure her right before her lips become mine.

She flings her hands exactly where I want the. Tugging at the roots of my hair.

Her buttons were the first to come off, she wasn't wearing another other clothing within so it was just her bra and her pants.

It's her night, I wasn't really going to do much to her. We're within the confides of a house. If I start touching her now, heaven knows I won't be able to stop.

She takes the hint tentatively. Her hands are shaking on my bed and for a second, I want to push them away halting her movements but her touch feels so good. 

She's so nervous, I can tell. Taking every flick with caution.

After a while, she seemed to gain confidence and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I let her dominate, watching her is enough for me.

"Am I doing it right?"

Her voice comes out shy and low. Such a fucking turn on.


I groan out, it seemed to boost her confidence even more.

She reaches over for the last button before taking it over fully.

As always, she props herself upwards to take my lips into hers.

Once again, her hands are reaching for my skin leaving a burning touch in her wake.

I don't want to rush her but then again I badly want to feel her skin against mine.

Thankfully, she stood her unconscious torturing and finally reaches for my pants tugging slightly.

I reach below to help her but she gently takes my hands off.

"Let me...."

She pleads but this time her voices comes out more hard.


I respond gulping I'm anticipation.

As always, she takes her sweet time to take my pants off before going down on her knees.

For someone who doesn't have alot of experience, she sure doesn't look like it.

She gently brushes the hair away from her face and takes off my clothes completely.

She gasped in shock at my whole length making me chuckle a little.

"Are you sure Nessa?"

"It's not sex Skylar. I want this."

Before I could respond, her lips are on my length. 

I don't know how she gets to be so skilled at this but she's bobbing on my length making different sounds erupt from the back of my throat.

"So fucking good..."

I urge her holding her head.

I don't know where the Vanessa Carrie who left months ago is at but what I do know is that this version is a whole level of different and I think maybe I like it......



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