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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

❤️Season Two❤

🎰Episode Eleven🎰


I blinked my eye lids regaining consciousness.

I checked my surroundings and I was in a strange place.  I tried to move but my hands were tied behind my back.

"Good, you awake." Don farmilar voice says as he walks in.

"You my friend gave gotten yourself in a while big mess of trouble. Your presence here tells me Nessa told you about everything and that wasn't our arrangement and what do I hear, there's a duplicate of the recording. much trouble."

I grunt trying to break free but it's of no use.

"It won't be long now, your Cinderella would be here soon and then we can get this party started." He says making me eye pop out.

I tried to touch my back pocket but the recording was gone, they must have found it.

"Oh yeah. We found your recording. It's right here." He says showing it to me.

"The only last piece of evidence that could take me down...." He presses play and I shut my eyes unable to take it.

Surprisingly, nothing happens. 

"Wait what is this!" He yells in rage.

"Where's the recording!" He demands but I'm just as confused as he is.

"It's right there in your hand."

"No this is obviously a dud where's the real recording Skylar."

"I don't know." I said truthfully.

"Then you'll just have to find out then or else you're going to be in a whole new level of pain." He threatened and walked out. Is it possible Nessa didn't duplicate the recordings properly or wait....she didn't give me the original. She made a duplicate of the duplicate.

"Oh my...." I said chuckling lightly.

"Vanessa Carrie, you're fucking smart."


Skylar has to hand that recording over to me. It's a dud and if he gets caught with it, he's going to be in very big trouble.

It's not like I didn't trust him, I just wanted to keep all my options ready and it obviously paid off.

Going back to Jackson is just a strategy in the end game of taking Don down. The real recording has been with me all along and I know exactly how to implement it.

Once am with Jackson, he'll stop being suspicious about ne and Skylar and I can finally do what I planned.

The easiest way to take a person down is to be "Annonymous." Do it in a way that no one even knows it's you.

After school activities were over, I grabbed the recording and went straight to the IT sector of the school.

The guy there had a crush on me so it wasn't hard to convince him to do his computer stuff and convert the recording to the format needed to air it over the internet.

"It's ready." He announced seconds later.

"Good, do it. I have to end everything." I smile in relief. This is it, Don's influence over me won't work now. Everyone is going to know exactly the kind of person he is.

Just then, my phone started ringing. I answered and placed it on my ear.

📞 Hello Vanessa. His gruffy voice came through the receiver.

📞 What do you want Don. I got back together with Jackson, Skylar won't win the game I assure you.

📞 Tch... Speaking of Skylar I thought we had a deal so why does he know everything and most importantly, why does he have a recording he claims to be the original. It's fake alright but it's mere existence tells me there's an original... Yes.

I gulp lightly preventing the IT guy from pressing the button.

📞 My gut tells me you're about to do something extremely stupid. I know you care about Skylar which is why I highly recommend you don't. Await further instructions. He said in a commanding tone and hung up.

"Fuck Skylar! Why couldn't you just... Ugh!" I groan raking my hands through my hair.....



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