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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty Seven🎰


         She cleans the stain and moves away.

"Like who?" She repeats sincerely curious.

"Like the actress on TV, she's really pretty."

"Man whore." Vanessa jokes and I chuckled.

Just then, I look around trying to find Don, my eyes lock with his and I realise he was already staring. Vanessa follows my gaze and all playfullness is removed from her face, she looks away Immediately frowning.

"Enough of talks, we need to do something about Don." She says seriously.

"Yeah, we do. You said he tried to hurt your mom once."

"Yes he did but I don't have evidence for that and his parents could easily acquit him if we have a weak case."

I scratch my hair lightly realising she's right.

"Then, we have to set a trap for him." Her face twitches in slight confusion.

"Trap how?"

"We need to get a confession from him, record it all on tape. That should be more than enough evidence." Her eyes twinkle.

"That's amazing Skylar but will it work, he's seen is together, he might be suspicious."

"I know how to fix that." I smile mischievously as a plan comes into mind.

"And what about my dad, do I tell him he was right about mom and how am I supposed to talk to my mom after what I know?"

"I'm not sure about talking to your mom but as for your dad, he deserves to know the truth. He needs that much closure." I say firmly.

"I can't say you should talk to her or not because my parents never had extra marital affairs but I do want you to remember that no matter what, she's still your mother. Mistake or not, that doesn't change."

"She destroyed our family."

"Then tell her that, I learnt from my parents that concealing your feelings would definately take you no where, all my parents needed was to seat down and talk, they're okay now. Maybe that's what you and your mom need, maybe even the three of you, I don't know. But it doesn't hurt to try though." I reach and take her hand squeezing it to provide some comfort.

"How good is your acting skills." I wink slightly.

"The best..." She grins fully.


"He's coming." She announced as we faced each other.

"Now?" She asks.

"Not quiet." I draw her closer by the waist claiming her lips for a quick kiss.

"You didn't remind me." I mummer before pulling away.

"Vanessa talk to me!" I shriek raising my voice.

"Okay now." She mutters. We were in the locker room about to pull off the biggest act ever.

"There's nothing to talk about Skylar, you said have lunch with you. I let you hold me hand even, isn't that enough for you."

"I've said it time and time again, I dropped out of the game because I don't want to be your "game". You can find some other virgin to fuck but definately not me."

"She'll have a future in theater." I thought with a smirk.

"Seriously Vanessa how crazy can you be, do you have any idea how many girls are dying to be in the position you were."

"That's great then, you have Sasha. I can understand why you're not satisfied though, I hear her pussy is like a well or something." I choke on my laughter as she giggles slightly.

"I did what you ask Skylar, now stay away from me." She says faking a frown, marching away.

Seconds later, Don walks in. I fake a sad look as he tries to sympathize. That means the plan worked, he heard every single thing we said......



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