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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty Six🎰


      Vanessa was right by saying people would definately stare at us, it didn't make better as I held her hand. People looked into us, she was nervous. I could tell as she tried to disengage our hands but I only held on tighter. Quiet frankly, I didn't care who looked at us. By my calculations, I had already won the game so I see no reason to stay close to Sasha, I only wanted to be close to this beautiful girl in front of me. But why?

What's so special about Vanessa Carrie that has me so hooked. Zac must be a fortune teller, this year was different. I squeezed her hands softly and leaned in, sniffing her hair wanting this moment to last for a really long time.

"We're here..." She announces as we reach her class. I whinn not wanting to let her go.

"I'll see you later." She pecked my cheeks before letting me go.

"Skylar James, blushing. You don't see that everyday." She walked in leaving me in the hallway smiling to myself. I snapped out of my trance and strode to class.


I waited for her by her locker excitedly, we were going to have lunch together and talk about Don but mostly have lunch together. I'm fucking nervous like a guy who's about to ask a girl out for the first ever. I sighted her from afar talking to someone, she was smiling and I was staring. I loosed my grip on her locker nearly falling the ground. I quickly regained my balance staring at her.

"You waited." She nudged her head towards the door.

"Yeah, let's go." Without warning, I laced our fingers again.


She says alarm at our contact.

"Do I have to kiss you again and shut you up. Like I said, you seriously talk too much." I say huskily, we were close so I could feel her shoulders tense slightly. She didn't utter a word afterwards until we reached the cafeteria. People seemed not to mind their own business, their eyes were fixed on us.

"What the fuck are y'all staring at, haven't you seen a couple before?" 

I ask, Vanessa gasps close to me nudging my elbow.

"Have you lost it!" She shrieks.

"Remind me to kiss you later, maybe then you'll shut up." I grin finding a table.

"Skylar!" I turn to the direction of the call, Sasha was seating with her friends and beckoning me to join.

"I'll pass." I mouthed and walked away. I haven't been this excited in a while, I really need to calm down before I do something crazy. She glared at me seating across. I smirked, stood and sat close to her.

"You're crazy..." She trailed off rolling her eyes.

"For you apparently." I add quickly, she freezes up.

"Finally, she shuts up." I grin before going to get us something to eat.

Minutes later, I return back to our seats.

"Earth to Nessa." She still looked transfixed.

"Yeah, I'm ok." She shakes her head slightly.

"Alright, I got us lunch." I point to the tray on the table.

"Alright, let's eat." I took a slice of pizza and she did same.

"Hey Skylar....."

Nessa says staring at my face giggling.


"Is there something on my face?"

"Yeah, there is. It's right." She uses her face trying to point out the place.

"Did I get it?" She only laughs harder.

"You only made it worse." She says in between chuckles.

"How about now?" I take a swipe, she starts to giggle again.

"Worse-er." She chuckles.

"Alright, alright. I'll help you." She grabs a tissue, leaning close and helping me clean the spot. I take a moment to look at her face and get a clearer picture and then I realised when I have been acting excited, didn't want little moments with her to end.

"I like her." 

"Like who?" She asks and I realised I said it out loud........




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