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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty Five🎰


      I couldn't see properly right now, I've never felt this angry. Ever. All I wanted to punch a wall, a car or something. The only way I could vent my anger is on Don, beat him to a pulp, I won't stop until he bleeds.

"Nessa, out of my way. I need to vent my anger, he's the cause. He should be at the receiving end." I stared firmly, tears were trailing down her cheeks.

"Skylar, please. I'm begging you, I can't let you get hurt or worse he vent his anger on my family. Skylar please..." She trailed off, her voice too cracked to continue. She took a few steps towards me, raised my hand and tried to hit herself with it.

"What are you doing?" I ask confused.

"You said you needed to vent your anger right, hit me." She says trying to repeat the action.

"Stop it!" I yell, she tries again. I grab her hand trying to stop her.

"Stop it." I say tenderly, her face is flushed with tears and I can barely look at her like that.

"Stop crying." I beg using my hand to wipe the tears from her face.

"Please..." I add softly, she sobs lightly but doesn't stop.

"Nessa please." I cup her cheeks so I could see her clearly.

"You're going to get yourself hurt." She says between sobs.

"I won't..." I retort trying to keep my voice low, my anger slowly dissolving.

"You are, you just interested in venting anger, you won't think first!" She yelled as she started crying again.

"Hey, hey, stop it."

"No!" She yelled weakly.

"Alright, I won't hurt him just yet. I'll think first." I pulled her closer, hugging her again.

"Promise me." She raised her head to glance at me, pouting her lips.

"I promise." I say darting my eyes to her lips. This seems like the wrong time to but I can't resist. I closed the gap between us, taking her lips into me. Her eyes closed, she gasped lowly in shock and I deepened the kiss. She pulled away seconds later blushing, I hugged her tighter.

"Aren't you supposed to kissing Sasha?" She says.

"Hmm, nahh." I say teasingly.

"Umm Skylar..." She says nervously.

"Yes..." I say rolling my eyes.

"It's stupid, never mind." 

"What, tell me..."

I pout my lips playfully.

"Well, you've practically already won the game so I don't want you making out with Sasha any more." My face broke into a smile at her words.

"Alright." I beam twitching my lips.


I wanted to say something about it, I decided to let it slide. She's had enough drama for one day.

"We should really get to class." She says, I groan.

"Do we have to..." I say whinning.

"Yeah, we do." She chuckles, I raise her head making sure she wasn't crying. Her cheeks were puffy, her eyes a little red.

"You have to promise me something to." I say twitching my lips.


"You'll stop letting people make you cry, including me." She bows her head slightly before nodding.

"I promise..." She mutters seconds later.

"Good, let's get to class. During lunch, we'll talk about Don." I say in a reassuring tone.

"Are you sure? I mean won't it seem weird, you're in the game with Sasha but you're with me and Don might get suspicious and..." I placed my lips on hers shutting her up.

"You talk too much." I say breaking the kiss so I won't get tempted to make out again.

"It'll be fine, trust me." I lace our fingers together, she smiles lightly.


With that said, we proceeded to going to class. I wondered how long I spent outside, the teacher must be furious by now.

As we walked out, I sighted Jackson in the opposite direction, not too far away though. His eyes were on our joined hands, he looked mad. Who cares? Definately not me.

Deciding to add to his predicament, I mouthed.....

"What was that about getting her back?" He definately heard me, his eyes darkened and I chuckled pecking her cheeks lightly.....



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