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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty Four🎰


          I don't why but as she began, I drew her closer crushing our bodies together, her body fit right into mine and we laid on the grass.

"I saw in the hallway talking to the guys about the game." I chuckled slightly realising I barely knew her then.

"Don approached me later on, asked me if I had any form of feelings for you."

" I told him I didn't, I said you disgust me and I could never love you." My breathe hitched.

"At that time." She quickly added. For some reason, I felt better.

"He smiled and said I was the right person, I didn't understand but he said I would later on."

"I thought he was messing with me but then few weeks before the game began, he offered me money to sign up."

"I declined, he said I would accept no matter what it takes." I squeeze her hands reassuringly, she exhales and wait a few seconds before continuing.

"Things started happening to my family, I had no other option. I agreed to it. He gave me just one rule, don't fall in love with you and win, he assured my family's safety and promised me money. I didn't care about the money, I just didn't want my family to get hurt." 

At the point, all I saw was red.

"I thought I could do it, I judged you before I knew you. During the game, I realised you're not what you seem. The popular opinion isn't the real you. I couldn't do it, Don threatened me but I just couldn't." She sobbed lightly.

"Then, I dropped out of the game. Of course he threatened to make my life miserable, he's been making good on his threat."

I cupped her cheeks to face me.

"What did he do!" My voice was cold, I only wanted to put him six feet under the soil.

"He knew how much I cared for my mom, worshipped her even so he exposed her secret."

"My mom cheated on my dad first, that's why they got dirvoiced, I blamed him for so long but it's her fault. She's to blame for him drinking, being miserable whilst she's happy with her new family. She has a child for him too." She chuckled sadly.

"He's ruining my life and this is only the beginning which is why I said you can't help me Skylar." Her sobs broke into cries, I felt her tears on my arm.

"I'm sorry I didn't see it on time, I was so focused on winning for Zac. He wants the position in the team and to keep his sister, that's the prize." I cuddled her close and she cried her.

"I'm so sorry." I pleaded, she cried harder.

"I promise you Vanessa, I will do everything in my power to make that bastard pay." I swore to her.

"Skylar, what are you going to do." She sniffled.

"Trust me."

"Skylar, don't hurt him."

"After everything he did to you..." I trailed off surprised she still cared.

"I don't give a fuck about him Skylar but what if you get hurt in the process or his parents does something."

"I don't care." I disengaged from the hug softly standing up.

"He's going to bleed for hurting you in the first place." I clenched my fist burning in anger.

"Skylar please...." 

"Don't Vanessa, this is something I have to do. Like I said, when I'm done with him, he'll regret ever been born...." I turned around planning to leave.

"Skylar please..." She stayed in front of me.

"Please...." She added sobbing lightly.........




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