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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty One🎰


       My heart pounded furiously, I couldn't answer. I didn't. 

"What are you talking about?" I chuckled nervously.

"Don is dangerous, you know that. I'm surprise you're putting your loved ones in danger for him, Skylar. That would only be possible if he isn't just a game to you." 

"So Vanessa, do you have feelings for Skylar James?" 

He asks one more time, I took a deep breathe and put on my best convincing look.

"No Jackson, after what you did I can never love anyone much less a player like Skylar. I did the right thing and I'll face the consequences head on, I don't need your help with a fake relationship." My voice came out hard, I walked out on him immediately with just one thought In mind.

"Was everything I just uttered seconds ago a lie?"

          I kept it at the back of my mind that Vanessa was just a player in the game. During the game, things happened and all but what did they really mean for the two of us?
Lately, she's been acting weird. From rushing out on me when I was about to get the truth out of her to meeting you with Don. Speaking of Don, last I checked he and Vanessa shouldn't have anything in common. He was yelling at her, she seemed scared. Up until now, I never considered the fact that something might have happened between Don and her, maybe if I find out what, I can uncover why she backed out from the game and why she's acting different than usual. I have to talk to Don, get to the bottom of everything. I waited impatiently until class was over.
The moment the bell was rung for recess,  I sprung up and rushed out of class so fast Sasha couldn't even talked to me. It was Friday so the guys would be in the locker room planning who hosts tonight party. I walked towards there with my hands in my pocket. The boys stood there and Don stayed in the middle. I gave him a stern look and nudged my head to the head so he'd know I wanted to talk. He understood and followed me out.

"Hey man..." He tried to give me a friendly hug, I glared at him.

"Hey, if it's about what happened between I and that Vanessa girl, I'm sorry."

"That's just it, what did happen between you and Vanessa. Don't you lie to me, I want to know."

I demanded sternly, he gulped and chuckled nervously.

At this moment, Vanessa's words were ringing in my ear making me extremely perplexed.

*You can't save me from what I just got myself in, I'm doomed now. No one can save me.*

*I screwed up badly Skylar*

"Was he trying to hurt her, did he threaten her to leave the game so I could win? That doesn't make any sense, if I win he looses his position to Zac and he hates Zac which means if I also win, Zac's sister becomes free and he wouldn't want that to happen, except..." 

I frowned my face, everything suddenly becoming clear.

"Did you threaten Vanessa to make sure she wins the game?" 

I ask sternly, my face was so serious even a stone hearted person wouldn't lie to me, if he did I would murder him right now. I get it now, why he yelled at her. Why she thinks she screwed up, he made her do everything and she quit because she couldn't take it.


"Tell me!" I thundered in rage.....



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