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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Thirty🎰


       I walked Sasha to class, girls gushed at her in envy, every last one of them wishing they were in her place while I wished I wasn't. My mind was solely on Vanessa and no one else, wondering how she was feeling right now. Sasha made sure to seat extremely close to me, glaring at every girl who took a glance in our direction. I groaned praying for this class to be over quickly, I prayed for the month to pass by quickly and get this over with. A nagging question remained on my name, when everything ends, what happens to Vanessa and I.

          I slapped myself repeatedly in the  restroom. Why the hell did I let a tear roll out, why did I let him see me cry. Why did I cry in the first place. They've had sex before, they're playing a game, she's fullfilling his needs and he's winning just like he always wanted. I should be focusing on how to get away from Don and make sure he doesn't hurt anyone I care about so why does my heart feel like it's being stabbed repeatedly. I sprinkled water on my face, it didn't help. I inhaled and exhaled countless times, that didn't help matters at all. 

"Calm down Vanessa." I spoke to myself staring at my reflection. I walked out of the restroom only to bump into Jackson. I haven't talked to him since our little make out session last week. It barely stayed on my mind, I kissed him because I wanted to get away from reality. My thoughts were of Skylar and so I figured if I made out with him ,they would be supressed. It ended up being the worst kiss I ever had and I forgot about it fully. He smiled at me, I looked away not wanting to go through this again. He held my arm halting my movements.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly trying to touch my cheeks. I flared up and shoved him as hard as I could.

"I don't want to talk to you." I responded clearing my throat.

"You look sad, a few days ago you kissed me and now you don't want to come near me, I'm confused."

"Don't be, the kiss was a mistake. We aren't getting back together, don't get any ideas. We're over." My tone was final and I wanted to just be alone.

"But what if we did?" 

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"I know about your deal with Don." I froze immediately.

"What if, we fake date and it gets Skylar jealous. Do jealous he's too focused on you to continue with the game and he looses. Either that or he wants you back and you win."

"That's absurd, I got out of the game to not hurt Skylar." I replied .

"But what if it's your parents, are you really willing to choose Skylar over your family?" He asked leaving me confused.

"I just want to help Vanessa, that's all. It's either you or Skylar, Don isn't one to joke."

"I stand by my words Jackson, I'm not hurting Skylar. I'll find another way." I broke out of his grip.

"Hurt him? Since when do you care about a Playboy, or isn't that what Skylar James is anymore? Am I missing something here because you two barely played the game for a week. He shouldn't mean anything to you, this is an easy choice. You, everyone you love or Skylar James." He stared, I gulped.

"Or is there something I don't know about your relationship?".............




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