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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Nine🎰


        I snapped out of my trance, determined to find out the truth at all costs. After I asked the one billion dollar question, her countenance changed and as they say, silence means yes. I took a deep breathe and walked towards her, she moved away and I felt a pagn in my heart.


"It's Vanessa." She corrected and I gulped.

"I have to go now Skylar." She brushed past me and walked towards her locker hurridely taking her books, slamming it shut.

"Vanessa, wait." I halted her movements, holding her arm to stop her.

"What is it Skylar." Her voice sounded defeated.

"Why didn't you come see me when you came, things could've been..." I trailed off and she scoffed.

"You were too busy making out with Sasha, you looked really busy." She said nonchalantly I blew air out from mouth perplexed.

"But maybe if you had..."

"Maybe Skylar?" She asked scoffing.

"You have no idea what happened to me yesterday, it's okay because it's probably none of your business anyways."

"Was that why you were crying on the phone?" I countered, she wasn't expecting me to be so blunt so she froze for a second before regaining herself.

"Like I said Skylar,it's none of your business. If you don't mind, I'll be on my way now." She held her books tightly to herself. During the course of turning around, she bumped into Sasha who stepped on her books to spite her.

"Can you be any more childish?" Vanessa asks rolling her eyes.

"Well maybe if you looked where you were going and stayed away from Skylar it would be better." She retorted with a smirk, she walked towards him and kissed him on the lips, Vanessa averted her eyes and wanted to leave.

"It's okay though, I'm in a good mood and not even you can ruin it." Sasha beamed and I inhaled.

"Come on ask me why am in a good mood, I'll give you a hint it starts with a "S" and ends with an "an"." I prayed silently she wasn't planning to do what I thought.

"It happened yesterday and it wasn't a quickie." She added, Vanessa's eyes widened in recognition, her feet glued to the ground.

"Oh come on, you have to know it." She grinned, Vanessa's eyes were on me begging me to deny the accusations.

"Ok, ok. I'll tell, we have hot steamy juicy sex yesterday, you really should've seen the way he banged me , oh my..." She bit her nails, closing her eyes dramatically. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed a drop of tear rolling out. Vanessa swiped it away almost immediately, spuned around and ran off.

"Shit! What did I do." I thought trying to run after her, Sasha held me back.

"Skylar, we're supposed to go to class together..." She purred holding me close.

"Sasha I...."

"I'm the player in the game so why are you still rushing after her?" She asked and I sighed. She's right.

"Okay, let's go." I faked a smile and laced our fingers together.

"For Zac." I reminded myself as we walked towards first period.

"Only for Zac." I repeated as my heart bled for Vanessa, I only hope she doesn't hate me. She's going through alot and I can't even be there for her, I just want her to know I'm here, hug her until she feels better. Yesterday, I wanted to kill who dared to  make her cry, today I'm officially one of those persons....



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