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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Eight🎰


          I had driven like a mad woman home, jumped out of my car and rushed inside. Dad was home and on sighting me gave me one of his infamous lectures, mom sent a text saying she would be discharged tomorrow, promised to explain everything later on. I couldn't be mad at dad anymore, I actually pitied him. He was right about her, she did cheat on him, she was cheating on him. All these years, I idolized her like some god, thinking she could do no harm when she's the reason our family is in ruins. 

Hours later after taking a shower, I was on my bed crying my eyes out. Couldn't tell if it was my parent's broken relationship or the fact that I now have a target on my back with Don. Needless to say, everything wasn't going all Vanessa right now. Suddenly a call from Skylar came in, I didn't want to answer. He shouldn't see me in this state, eventually I did. I couldn't show any emotions and when he hung up, I broke down completely. I groaned when I realised I hadn't hung up, I thought he would. I didn't care if he heard me crying, I just wanted to cry even more. It hurts so badly. Then, a thought crept in at the back of my mind. Or maybe I'm crying because I might really miss Skylar and the stupid game, everything was connected, one and the same. Which is why I'm breaking down right now.


The pains I felt all over couldn't be compared to any, I reached for my cabinet and found some pain killers, taking them in one go. As always, dad was gone. I couldn't even cook, I didn't have in me. I grabbed some leftover from last night and got ready for school.

Almost an hour later, I got my keys and walked to my car, getting in and driving off.

I got to school, parking in the lot. I got out with my bag on my shoulder, rushing to my locker. I was almost late for first class, I missed alot yesterday so I couldn't dream of missing anything today. I stopped dead in my tracks with the sight In front of me, I gulped battling with myself if I should turn back or not.

"Nessa...." He called out three feets away from me.  Wait, did he just call me Nessa? 

"Skylar, I...."

"Were you here yesterday?" He cut me short, demanding an answer. Shit Zac must have told him. I stared at him unable to answer.

         The drive to school was weird, mostly because my mind couldn't stop thinking about Vanessa and the looks on mom and dad faces, they stared at me like I was a zombie or something. I left extra early needing an immediate distraction. On getting to school, I met up with Zac. Today was Friday, we had football practice, it'll help clear my head. Afterwards, we should go to a party and hopefully I'll have a clear head.

"So man, how was day 1 yesterday?" He elbowed me, I chuckled lightly.

"Don't worry, I'll win this thing." I assured him with a full smile.

"Thanks man,I know it's probably hard, I could clear see Vanessa's reaction. I knew this year might be different " I twitched my lips confused as hell.

"What do you mean clearly?" I asked curiously.

"Well, she came yesterday but rushed out after you kissed Sasha." He informed me and I gasped.

"Wait she was here?" I asked to be sure.

"Yup...." He popped the "p" abd stood up.

"Need to get my books and get to class." He patted my back softly.

"Alright, I'll see you later." I sprung up immediately, I needed to see her more now than ever. She was here yesterday which means she came back. I decided to go wait for her by her locker, I strode towards there with my hands in my pocket. Then, I noticed her rushing towards her locker. She looked like she was in a hurry, her hair was a bit messy and her eyes had little bags in them. She hadn't noticed me yet so I took time to admire God's creation. Just then, she stopped too noticing my presence. 

"Nessa...." I called out, I didn't know why I couldn't call her by her full name,I just didn't want to. It was like time froze immediately and it was practically just the two of us in the hallway, no one else mattered.....



  1. Vanessa sorry dear. You and Skylar should sort out your differences. Thank you writer



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