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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Seven{Day One}🎰


         She cuddled up to me, holding me from behind. It was just day one and I had already made her fall for me, I wondered why I had to wait for 30 more days to put an end to it. I pushed her off softly getting out of her bed and dressing up, I covered her with the blanket and walked out of her room. I ran down the stairs, out of her house, on my bike and drove off faster than the speed of light. 


Minutes later, I arrived at my house. I got off my bike feeling tired, not physically but emotionally. I didn't know what to do, I didn't even know why I was feeling this way, it just hurt so much. I got to the porch, waited for a second or two and walked inside. I regretted having sex with Sasha the minute I did. Mom and dad were on your couch as usual, watching a movie. At least they were getting along and happy, unlike me I barely even know what's wrong with Me.

"Hey Kiddo..." Dad chuckled, mom offered a sweet smile. I responded with a simple nod.

"Are you okay?." Mom asked, her voice laced with concern.

"Yeah, I'm just a little tired and down but I am. I'll go gets some rest." She nodded, clearly not buying it, however letting it slide.


I woke up and it was evening, I hadn't had anything to eat do I went downstairs to find some leftovers. I got to my room and ate silently while listening to some music. Just then, I got the urge to call her . I mean something might have happened to her when she left, I just want to make sure she's okay. She didn't even come back to school and it seems so weird. I picked up my phone and punched the numbers in, waiting for it to ring. I didn't a couple of times but I called back immediately until she finally answered.

📞 Hey Vanessa. I said simply, there was no answer at the other end. I removed my phone from my ear to check and she was still on.

📞 Vanessa are you there? I asked softly, I heard a low sniffle at the other end.

📞 Skylar... She muttered under her breathe, her voice was extremely low. I sprang up immediately getting alarmed.

📞 Vanessa, are you okay? I asked, she hesistated for a second then replied.

📞 Yeah, I'm okay. Her voice was just too low, she coughed a little and cleared her throat.

📞 Why did you call Skylar? She demanded trying to sound firm .

📞 Umm well, you never came back. I got umm............angry. I said regretting my choice of words.

📞 Am sorry, things came up. She said simply, definately not going to elaborate.

📞 Ohh... I trailed off not really knowing how to respond.

📞 See you tomorrow Skylar. She said in a tone of finality. Something was definately wrong with her. But what?

📞 Alright, good night Vanessa.

📞 Night Skylar. I was about to hang up, then I heard a muffled sob. Suddenly, she sobbed hard, my heart bled at the sound. I think she noticed I hadn't hung up so she did seconds later but it was already too late, I know she had been crying and all I wanted to do now was kill who ever dared to make her cry......



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