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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Six🎰


       First it was my mom and her hidden family, now it's the fact that Skylar is making out with Sasha, both things which were hurting me for unknown reasons. I got to my car as quickly as possible, I didn't want anyone to know I came here. I ignited the engine and was about driving off when I sighted Zac staring at me. I gave him a sad smile and drove off.

       The crowd dispersed slowly until I was left alone with Sasha.

"Want to come over?" She suggested. I needed a distraction badly, I didn't want to think of her or anything at all.

"Sure." I winked at her, I'm back to being play boy Skylar, the guy I've always been. I took my bike and she got into her car, we drove off to her house. I've been there countless times so I knew the way already. I parked my bike and she got out, the gate was opened and we drove in.

"Come on in, there's no one house. Well, except the maid but they count as no one right." She giggled, obviously finding it funny. She laced our fingers together , pulling me inside. I followed wordlessly because maybe being with Sasha would let me forget about Vanessa even if it was just for today.


Minutes later, my buttons were coming off as she ripped my shirt off my body. I turned her back towards me, taking off her gown in one go. She wore a matching panty and Bra, I sucked in a breathe reminding myself that I had to do this. She slumped to her knees seductively crawling towards me, her hands latched onto my pants , taking off my belt and pulling it down,my dick wasn't even hard as opposed to the other times when we had sex. She seemed surprised as well but up to the challenge never the less. Her hands stroked my turgid member trying her best to make it hard. It worked seconds later because I could feel the blood building up. She smirked in victory and latched her lips onto me. She sucked my head a little before licking the other parts, I could barely even moan but I did. I raised her up a little frustrated at my reaction her fore play was giving me.

"Maybe if I pleasured her it'll be better." I thought, I laid her on the bed softly creeping towards her boobs. My hands went to her back taking off her bra and latching my lips to her nipples, sucked softly and twirled my lips. She moaned in pleasure, shaking her legs and squirming under me. I moved my lips lower,replacing them with my hands on her breasts, squeezing softly. I took off the obstruction inform of her panties, taking one hand down and fingering her slowly. I added one more finger since she wasn't that time, her eyes were closed as she moaned softly. I placed my dick at her entrance eager to get it over with. I plunged myself deep inside her, raising her legs up to my waist as I pumped at a slow rare. I increased my pace without mercy as she screamed my name. It didn't take long for me to pull out spilling my cum on the floor. The sex was flat and so boring, I didn't know why but the minute I reached orgasm, the thoughts I forced so hard to supressed rushed back immediately. I fell on the bed, Sasha trying her best to pleasure me by stroking my member but my mind was barely on her and by barely, I mean it wasn't. I sighed not knowing what to do and how to move forward.....




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