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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Four🎰


         Her phone suddenly beeped interrupting us both, she took my glance at it. Her eyes widened twinkled In fear.

"I have to go." She announced suddenly.

"Vanessa, wait please." I pleaded but she was up already.

"Is everything alright?" My voice was laced with concern.

"I don't know Skylar, I just have to go. I'll be back ." She pecked my cheeks lightly and halted a cab to leave.

          Ten seconds ago, I was ready to tell Skylar everything although he mind end up hating me or in the best case scenario, not wanting to see me ever again. Just when I was about to, Don send a text with my mom's room number, it was just a number but it meant something more deeper. If anything happens to her, I'll never be able to forgive myself. The cab pulled over at the hospital, I jumped down handing him some notes and rushed inside.i explained to the receptionist and I was off to her room. I took the stairs, impatient to even wait for the elevator. I clicked the door knob open and walked in frightened.

"Mom..." I yelled in concern, I was taken aback at the sight in front of me. There was a man and a little child. I stared at her and she looked really sad, like someone who just got caught.

"Mommy who's this girl and why is she calling you mommy." Her voice was low and cute, I managed to smile a little.

"You seem busy, I'll be on my way." I spun around and ran of her room. That's why he called me here, this was his idea of paying me back, mom had another family. Then it hit me, that girl looked at least 7 years old. if mom left when I was 12, it meant the child should be five or six depending on how quick she moved on. I prayed silently I was wrong and I hadn't been mad at my dad when he was right all along, mom was unfaithful to him and she lied to me about it. I clenched my fists in anger. I went back home not wanting to even get to school for the day, I'll go later to try and get some notes so I won't be lagging behind. Right now I just wanted to forget about my family problems and Don simply getting some rest.


I got up from bed and adjusted my clothes and makeup ready to get back to school. I boarded a taxi and was on my way already. Minutes later, I arrived at the premises. Students were tropping out,  the final Bell was rung minutes ago. I got my locker and took the books I needed leaving the ones I didn't need. I solicited a few of my friends to help me with some notes so I could get some work done.i sighed remembering I still had to talk to Skylar and explained why I had to rush off, He wasn't in the parking lot and he wasn't in class either. As always, boys would definately be in the locker room so I went there next.

Surprisingly, a few students gathered there making me wonder why. I got closer for a better look. My heart bled noticing they were using the formation as that night, Skylar stood in the middle. He was picking the girl for the game, I stood amongst everyone unnoticed, his eyes searched the crowd , maybe searching for the one he wanted. I watched keenly trying to ignore the pagn in my heart. Seconds later, he sighed and everyone waited.

"The girl is...." His voice was low, unlike when he choose me. For some reason, he glanced at Zac. His eyes told me he was having second thoughts but after glancing at him, he seemed confident.

"Sasha." He mouthed, she squeeled rushing towards him throwing her arms around him . I shut my eyes turning away but not before missing the epic kiss they shared after.

"Maybe this is for the best." I thought sadly.




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