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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty Three🎰


         After I left the class, I didn't really want to go to the restroom or anything, I thought a little walk around the school would clear my head a little. I didn't even bother trying to think of a girl to play the game with, I just wanted some me-time. 

Suddenly, I heard voices coming from the garden. I thought it was just some random students making out or having a quickie, whatever it is they did. Just then, I noticed one of the voices sounded farmilar. Almost like...."Vanessa". My brain registered that she might be in trouble first. Usually I would think she was with another guy but this i felt she needed help. I got there and she was with Don, I didn't even think they knew each other, I didn't have time to try and be jealous because the look on Vanessa's face told me this wasn't some couples quarrel, she looked frightened and I just wanted to hold her close and make sure she knows it's safe. I punched him in Anger for daring to raise his voice at her and make her sad. We rushed out of there and she was at the brink of tears. I felt frustrated not knowing what's wrong with her. With her cheeks flushed, I tried to get her to say something. Her eyes moved to my lips and she pressed hers against it. Although everything in me was screaming "Kiss her back!" I couldn't, I was too engrossed in trying to figure out what could be wrong with her. I pulled away softly, she tried to kiss me again but I stared at her instead.

"Vanessa, what's wrong." I said as low as possible.

"I screwed up Skylar." She broke out in light sobs, I hugged her immediately, her small body frame fitting into mine perfectly.

"Let's get out of here" I said it without thinking about the consequences, she agreed doing same. We snuck out of school running on the walkway as I thought of the perfect place to bring her to.


Ten minutes later, Vanessa was a moaning mess. Well usually I get the girls to scream my name through sex, right now she was licking a chocolate floured ice cream and moaning away.

"Could you stop that..." I gritted my teeth after she moaned yet again.

"Stop what?"

"Those sounds...." She suddenly smirked licking it again. I chuckled a little watching her in silence. Thankfully, she stopped being moody and even smiled a little.

"Vanessa...." I said softly.

"You gat to tell me what's wrong." She suddenly stopped , her countenance changed.

"Please...." I begged as she sniffled.

"You might hate me, I can't take that."

"How could you think I'd ever hate you?" I asked truthfully.

"Because I Screwed up bad Skylar, preety bad."

"No matter what Vanessa, I can never think of hating you." I reassured, her eyes twinkled a little.

"Talk to me , I might be able to help." I tried to convince her, she seemed skeptical about opening up 

"You can't save me from what I just got myself in, I'm doomed now. No one can save me." I got confused barely offering a reply.

"Vanessa, why did you quit the game." I asked Instead.

"Remember when you asked me why I wanted to play."

"Yeah...." I responded.

"I lied, that wasn't the truth what I told you." She added.

"Then what's the truth?" I asked as she sighed.

"The truth is........" She started, I listened with anticipation.



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