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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty One🎰


  Time froze, I couldn't move. My eyes were fixed on her, she tried to avoid eye contact but I wouldn't budge. I thought we had the best evening yesterday, I was wrong because she's backing out. Automatically, the game is declared null and void. According to the rules, the timer starts all over, one month. I choose another girl and start all over. The pagn in my heart was there, I just didn't know why. No girl has every dropped out of the game, Vanessa has to be the first. Most people were staring at me, I took a deep breath. I walked towards her, held her arm and pulled her without saying a word. Surprisingly, she didn't protest she followed me and we got to the Janitor's closet. I closed the door behind us, little space , I still remained speechless refusing to say a word.

"Skylar...." She called breathlessly, that was everything to break me. I placed my hands on both sides on her head, stared at her frowning my face, she shakes her head. I dipped mine down and placed my lips on hers softly, her hands went to the sides of my side, she moved one in my hair letting her fingers okay with it softly. I disassembled my imaginary cage and moved my hands to her waist, yanking her closer. I deepened the kiss pulling away in seconds so she could breathe. When she was done, I'll crash my lips back to hers in an intense make out session.

"Skylar..." She called out, my name slipping from her lips, so beautiful, so lovely.

"Vanessa...." I responded only this time it was a moan. Our tongues rolled together seeking for dominance, she let me have it , I pushed mine in deeper tasting every inch of her lips.

Suddenly, I pulled away and raked my hands through my hair.

"Goodbye Vanessa." I swung the door open, walked out without another word.

"Skylar pick me!"

"Skylar me!" It hadn't been up to ten minutes since Vanessa dropped out of the game, games were already blowing me up wanting to be part of the game. I shrugged them off. I needed time to think straight, I couldn't stop thinking why Vanessa would want to drop out of the game.

"Was she scared of loosing or was it something else?" I thought.

Just then, Zac took a seat close to me. He looked happy.

"What's wrong?" I quickly straightened my face .

"It's nothing"

"Hey, you should be happy. With Vanessa, it would've been hard for you to win. Now you just need to choose someone easy, get a good fuck while you're at it unlike virgin Vanessa." He joked. Usually, I would find it funny but right now it added to my annoyance. I turned to glare at him.

"Hey, I'm just kidding." He said noticing my look.

"Well don't joke about stuffs like that." I responded, I grunted and moved to another seat.

"Look man, I get what you're doing for me okay. I'm sorry about what I said, I just don't get why you're so freaked out about this girl?" He sat close to me again.

"You said it yourself right, she's different. I responded, my tone showed I wanted the conversation to end there,I didn't want to talk about it again. By the end of the day, I would have to announce the new girl I wanted and start over again yet somehow I wanted only her and no one else...

"Skylar..." He called out softly.


"If Vanessa didn't end the game, would you have lost?" Zac asked, I exhaled as the question rang in my head.

"Would I have lost?" I asked myself without getting a response.....



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