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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Twenty🎰


       To my upmost surprise, I clicked the door open and mom and dad were on the couch giggling.

"Shut up James .." She called him by his first name with a chuckle 

"Titanic is the best movie ever!" He yelled, she rolled her eyes.

"I really don't blame you, you have eyes yet you refuse to use them, it's I obviously terminator." She retorted. They raised their voices yelling at each other trying to prove their choice was the best absolutely oblivious of my presence. My heart couldn't help but soften. My parents were yelling but for a good reason, they were seating in a room without arguing about how terrible the other was. Happiness was an understatement to what I felt right now.

"Skylar..." Mom finally noticed me. For the first time in a while, I stared at my mom and gave her a smile. She looked shocked, pinched herself hard, I smiled again and her eyes nearly popped out.

"Don't let me stop you two, have fun." I smiled yet again, walking past them.

"Hey kiddo..." Dad called when I was half upstairs.

"Want to watch a game together tonight?" I didn't respond, I hadn't watch a game with him in years. It was like our bonding period and he stopped it the moment mom and him started having problems. Seconds past and I was still speechless. He finally cleared his throat, I took a deep breathe.

"I'd love that dad." I grinned, he nodded in response and I proceeded to going into my room, showering and resting before the game.

        I woke up with an unfamiliar pain at the back on my neck.

"Ouch..." I moaned noticing I was lying on the couch. Dad and I were watching a game and I must have fallen asleep. I looked around but he was gone already.

"You do know it's almost 8am right?" Mom stood with her hands akimbo. All the tiredness and pain cleared from me, I jumped up, went straight into my room to get ready.

"Actually, it's 7am but I wanted you to get ready so you wouldn't have any excuses not to eat before leaving!" She raised her voice downstairs so I'd hear her.

         I didn't want to be skeptical on my way to school. This much happiness usually comes at a price and I end up getting angry , disappointed or hurt so I tried as much as I could to keep a straight face and not expect much although my family was putting itself back together after years of being disorganized.
Finally, I got to school and stepped down. Just then, I noticed something weird. A bunch of students has gathered in one particular location, talking and mumbling words amongst themselves. I got really curious so I had to move closer and find out.

"He's here..." I heard one whisper close to me. I ignored the comment and tried to get to the bottom of it.

Suddenly, I sighted Vanessa at the centre with a sad look plastered on her face.

"Am sorry." She mouthed leaving me confused.

"Well , Skylar is here. I called everyone because I had a very important announcement which I need to share." She started, heaved a sigh and continued.

"It's my displeasure to announce that effective immediately, I'm dropping out of the game." She dropped the bombshell.


"She's dropping out!"

"Why!" Students mummered , my eyes were fixed on hers trying to read why she just did this.........



  1. She is in love with Skylar and don't want to break his heart. Thank you my author

  2. Wow interesting . Thumb up author

  3. Hmmmm
    I know u don't wanna hurt him neither does he



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