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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Nineteen🎰


         A harmless kiss soon turned into a heavy make out session. Soon my hands my reaching inside her shirt. I suddenly remembered she was virgin and removed them. I concentrated on kissing her as she layed on the ground. Her eyes were shut tightly as she chest elevated and depressed at intervals, she was obviously enjoying herself.

Suddenly, I heard Zac's voice in my head and I remembered why I was doing this. I pulled away immediately getting a hold of myself. My face was flushed and so was here, I searched for how to get rid of the tension but my mind was bleak.

"Why did you say I shouldn't make out with Jackson." She played with her hair, curling them in her fingers.

"Why did you agree not to make out with him?" I countered.

"TouchΓ©." She remarked with a smirk.

"It's getting late, we should head home." We both sighed, knowing what it meant. 

"For me, I would have to go back and live with the fact that my parents might wake up one day and go back to arguing. For Vanessa it meant going back to her abusive father.

"How's your mom?" I asked in concern.

"She's getting better." I nod my head slowly getting up.

"Thanks for this Skylar." She raised herself to my level and pecked my cheeks.

"See you tomorrow Vanessa." I replied with a smile. We each went to our respective vehicles, got in and drove off in different direction, each leading to seperate places.

          I enjoyed the cool breeze getting into the car, my hands were on the wheel, I accelerated at an average speed. My fingers caressed my lips were he kissed me, they still tingled from his touch. I feel so guilty about doing this but I have no other option.
I got home , good thing he wasn't home go yell at me for coming back late or for simply being me. My phone started raining, I reached for it and the ID made me shiver.

"Hello..." I stuttered .

"I take it your date went well." He responded plainly.

"I think so."

"Don't think so Vanessa, it's almost  two weeks. Is he falling for you or not?"

"I don't know." I respond truthfully.

"You said you could make him fall for you."

"I will." I answered and he scoffed.

"You better, you know what's say stake." He clicked the end button, I let the phone fall as I buried my face in my palms.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I never wanted to play the game, he made the do it. I don't know why he wants Skylar to loose, it might have something to do with the prizes but my target was to make him fall for me. It hurts because Skylar is just misjudged by most people. He doesn't deserve what I'm doing to him, when he finds out eventually, I'll be no different from his parents. 

My mood shifted in seconds, I can't hurt him in this manner but what can I do, I have no other option

       My guilty conscience pricked me hard during the drive home, I knew I was doing this for a just reason but still, this year with Vanessa made every difference. I had to win no matter what but by then, she'll be crushed and the thought of it makes me extremely sad. I can't let my best friend down but I also can't find the courage to dare to hurt her. 

"Come on Skylar, you can do this. Less than two weeks left, you won't have sex with her so it won't hurt much but you have to do this." I reminded myself, I turned off the engine, parked the bike and stepped down. 

Just then, I heard that familiar yelling, raising of voices and my heart leaped. I knew I shouldn't open my heart, I knew it was too good to be true. Of course there'll back to arguing. My blood was boiling as I hurriedly got to the doorstep and opened the door ready to lash out on them and advice them to get divorced and end these shitty fights......



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