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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Eighteen🎰


        We stood under the stars gazing, I stared at her face unable to look away. Under the light , she looked so gorgeous i just wanted to.....

"Kiss me." She said simply, her voice demanding. To be sincere, I didn't need to be told twice. I pressed my lips against hers, pulling her as close as possible.

            After the situation at the locker room, the bell was rung immediately. 

"How could someone be so stupid!" I thought in anger.

"Obviously, he doesn't love her. He doesn't care for her. He cheated on her yet at the first chance, she's back to making out with him." I scoffed in anger.

"It'll be my pleasure winning this game and afterwards, she can go ahead and do whatever she wants with him." I muttered. I groaned remembering that I had detention after school so I could only wished the day move as fast as possible so I could get it over with and get home.


 The closing bell was rung, students tropped out of class. Some moved to go make out at some corner, others moved to their cars to get home and the category I fell in move towards detention. Being a straight A student , I hardly got detention. I kept up my bad boy appearance but detention was just not my thing. I clicked the door open and walked in. I took a seat farthest from everyone else.

Just then , I heard the sound of someone seating close to me. I grunted silently praying it wasn't a girl with a crush on me or something, I was in no mood for anything.

"Skylar...." Her voice came out sad and low, I raised my head to meet her eyes.

"What are you doing here." My voice was cold and rough.

"I saw you heading towards detention so I got myself in here because I need to talk to you."

"You couldn't wait till tomorrow." I rolled my eyes.

"I need to explain what happened ."

"Happened? Where." I raised my shoulders feigning ignorance.

"I and Jackson." I started laughing in a low tone which later reduced to a light chuckle.

"You don't need to explain anything to me Vanessa, game remember." I smirked and she sighed.

"Skylar I....."

"You're in detention, let's play a game but about what happened, I really don't want to talk about it." The teacher walked out, probably tired of us.

"Who's up for 20 questions!" Someone yelled as we cheered.


They've been playing this game for a while and it was the last round before detention was over.

"So Vanessa..." A teammate started as she smirked.

"Your worst kiss ever, like worse." He drawled out as she giggled.

"This afternoon, it was terrible." I cocked my head to the side staring at me, she winked in response and detention was over.

"Hey...." She called out behind me.

"Want to hang out?" She suggested , I nodded in response. I couldn't control myself, I had to know.

"Did you mean what you said back there about the kiss."

"With everything in me." She replied and I let my chuckle out. 

"There's a spot close to the river, it's beautiful by this time."

"Yeah, I know it." I said as she smiled.

"I'll race you there." I added with a smirk.

"Oh you're on Skylar James." She got into her car quickly, I gave her a headstart before trailing behind.


"I won!" She cheered doing a little dance.

"I gave you a head start." I retorted with a grimace.

"Doesn't matter, I won." She stuck her tongue out at me as we sat on the ground.

"Told you it was beautiful." Her voice changed to the Vanessa I met a week ago.

"It really is." I said staring at her.

"This is your chance Skylar." I thought trying to make a move.


We were laughing our asses off, I don't know how long we've been here but I know the stars had begun to come out and I didn't want to leave. Vanessa was extremely fun to be with and I'm enjoying every moment with her.


Her body was pressed against mine, I drove my tongue inside her lips, she gave me entrance, I pushed it even deeper earning a slight moan from her.

"You don't get to make out with him again." I demanded, I didn't know why I said that but I just did. That wasn't what was surprised me the most about this night, it was her reply.

"Ok..." She whispered breathlessly.....




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