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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Seventeen🎰


        Every year before the game commences, the guys gather at the locker room,I give them the girls I want to pick from and they agree. Then, we decide on the prizes I get if I win. Every year it's been material things but this year I decided to do something different. For years Zac has wanted to play as captain while I play as quarter back. The guys wouldn't allow it but I managed to convince them that it should be one of the prizes the year. That wasn't all, Zac sister would be in senior year next year by the time we're graduating into college, the second prize was that none of the guys would ever pick her to be in the game. This year I wasn't doing anything for myself, it was all for Zac. No matter how different this year is, no matter how hard it might be, I will play Vanessa Carrie and win the game, I just have to.

I got to class with alot on my mind but most importantly, one week had past and I haven't really gotten far with her, I needed to step up my game with dates, chocolate and followers, anything that'll help me get points with her.

"Mr James..." The teacher called out, I snapped out of my thoughts staring at her.

"Mr James, you're usually one of my best students, I never have to complain about your attention." I gulped as she sighed.

"A day in detention should hopefully get your head clear." I nodded slowly pushing the thoughts down and focusing solely on class.


It was finally lunch break so I moved towards the cafeteria, it seemed like I was moving in the same cycle everyday so I decided to do something new today.

💬 Meet me under the bleachers. I texted Vanessa quickly. I ordered lunch for us and moved towards there to be ahead of her. I sat on the grass setting the food waiting for her to come. 

I waited but she never showed up. I checked my watch and lunch was almost over. I grabbed the food in anger dumping them in the trash.

💬 Where are you? I texted but received no response. I grumbled and walked out. I moved towards the cafeteria trying to search for her but she was no where in sight.
I don't know what came over me but I searched for Sasha and she was seated laughing away with her friends. Then, I checked around for Jackson and he wasn't. I folded my fists trying hard to convince myself that I wouldn't kill he when I find him. I rushed towards the locker room, almost hundred percent sure that they were there. I got to the door exhaling in a bit to calm myself.
I twisted the knob slowly and walked in, the sight in front of me was shocking, suprising and a little hurtful for some reason.
I watched they make out as her hands ruffled his hair. His lips were latched onto her neck and I think I heard her moan in pleasure. I gulped and shook my head, her bag laid on the table carelessly , they barely noticed my presence. Then, her eyes snapped out and she saw me.

"Skylar..." She called out pushing him away.

"Goodbye Vanessa, don't let me stop you." I walked out the door without looking back.

"Game on." My voice was hard and more determined than ever........



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