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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰Episode Fifteen🎰


        The birds chirped lightly, I blinked my eye lids slowly waking up. I felt someone grip my waist tightly preventing me from moving. I looked back and Vanessa laid there sleeping silently, so peaceful and beautiful, I almost didn't want to wake her. Almost. We needed to get to school, I removed her hands from my waist slowly. I turned back to face her, I watched her sleep for a few seconds. My eyes darted to her lips and the urge to kiss them was so uncontrollable. I leaned in slowly and brushed the strands of hair from her face so they were even more visible, so pink, I just wanted to crush them on mine one more time and see her they tasted.

"Hmmm..." She moaned tiredly in her sleep. That little sound wasn't helping matters.

"Just one kiss, only one." I mumbled to my self. I lowered my lips slowly to hers, her eyes snapped open immediately, I realised what I was doing and pulled away.

"Am sorry." I apologized jumping out of bed.

"I didn't want you to over sleep because we needed to get to school, I also didn't know how to wake you up."

"So you kissed me." It was more like a statement than a question. I gulped without an answer and got out of bed.

"Morning." Our eyes turned to the door as my mom walked in.

"Morning ma'am, morning Mom." We greeted simultaneously, she didn't seem to mind and even if she did, she hide it wonderfully well.

Minutes later, she walked out after getting my laundry.

"Umm, I'll go to the guest room to go take a shower."

"Alright." I responded with a plain look as she got up.

"I'll see you when I'm done." With that final word, she walked out of the door.

"Stupid Skylar, Stupid!" I cursed hitting myself. I took off my clothes to go take a bath and get ready.


I decided to drop the leather jacket together and go with something plain. I got the things I needed and walked out of my room. I heard laughter downstairs, Vanessa was wearing different clothes, probably mom's, it felt good to see her in her old outfit. They were eating breakfast and paused on sighting me.

"Skylar, nice of you to join us for a Change." Dad said as he chuckled,  I pulled a chair close to her giving her a look. She could've said she didn't want to eat breakfast, I don't want to do this.

"So Vanessa, how are your parents?" I froze and so did she.

"Exactly what I was trying to avoid." My voice came out a whisper barely audible to myself.

"They're fine but I like I said, they're having issues. You two understand right?" I replied, she seemed to calm down as mom and dad looked embarrassed. I suddenly lost my appetite and wanted to leave.

"Let's go Vanessa." I stated helping her up.

"Alright, take care of yourself Vanessa."

"Thank Mr and Mrs James." She responded in a small tone.

"They won't be that for long." I responded full of venom and spite. She handed her keys to me and I unlocked the car.

"Take me to my place."

"Are you crazy? No."

"You bike is there plus I need some things for today that I can't forfeit, it's okay Skylar "

"Are you okay?" I asked and she nodded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Skylar, you can take your bike and leave, I might be late to school but I'll be fine."

"You're crazy if you think I'll leave you to face him alone. Get in." I beckoned on the car, a smile crept to her face as she got in....



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