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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲

🎰 Episode Twelve🎰


         I composed myself boosting my self confidence.

"You're Skylar James." I started with a grin.

"You've been playing this game for three years, yeah she's different from most girls but at the end of the day, she'll fall." I added with a deep chuckle.

"So man up, don't let Her affect you and get your game up." I raised my voice a little for the last one before nodding my head.

"Talking to yourself?" Zac voice came behind me, my face flushed a little. I regained myself.

"I'll see you later man, I have a game to get ahead of." I stated.

"You think." He responded finding it funny. I brushed past him to the cafeteria determined to prove to him that I, Skylar James never looses a game and this won't be the first, he would be so happy if I didn't get this year's prize.

"Game on." I grinned .

Suddenly, I heard noises coming and people were cheering or something. I gasped in shock when I got in. It seemed like Vanessa and Sasha were fighting, well not physical fighting but the usual girly fights and exchanging words. I smirked knowing well how to handle this situation. I grabbed Vanessa by her waist, she jumped in fright, it registered that it was me and she exhaled.

"Ugh, change of clothes won't make you less ugly." Sasha retorted, She was about to reply but I placed my fingers over her lips.

"Babe, haven't I told you not to answer. Sasha means nothing to me. You're my world." Students cooed, she figured out the game I was playing.

"I know but you also know I hate it when she talks about your silly sex life when we both know ours is Soo much hotter." She licked her lower lip, winked and some students even gasped.  I nuzzled at her neck with a full smile.

"Let's eat." I said pushing her towards a table. I stuffed my face with fries whilist staring at Vanessa slowly eating a pizza.

"Hey, wanna watch a movie this night?" She suggested and I was surprised.

" My house this time." She adds and I sigh in relief. An excuse not to go home early.

"Sure." I beam and she continues eating. Her eyes trailed away to something else, someone else. I followed them and it landed on Jackson , he was with someone else at his table. I could clearly see the hurt in her eyes, she gulped and shifted them acting like it was nothing. Deciding to put on one last show of the day, I stood up.

"Watch this." I clicked my tongue and winked, she furrowed her brows and watched me walk away towards Jackson's table.

"Hey everyone!" I exclaimed. Most if not all of the students turned their attention to him and i smirked.

"Yesterday, a tweet was made about some silly petty rumour and everyone had a laugh including the person's responsible." I watched her expression slowly change from confusion to interest.

"On that same day, I disregarded all the rumours by confirming it wasn't Vanessa that was the problem but it was actually Jackson." I pointed towards him, I could clearly see her muffle a giggle.

"You see, I don't blame Vanessa for not wanting to have her first time with a guy who's dick is smaller than a pencil." Laughter erupted  including Vanessa.

"But Jackson, I'm also proud to tell you that I did what you couldn't do and she'll never forget it." I stated in a husky tone, he walked up to me trying to throw a weak punch, I shoved him off. He fell flat on his ass earning another round of laughter.

"Piece of advice dearie, get a man to satisfy all your needs, I would've suggested me but I'm already spoken for." I threw a smile and walked away. Students laughed and others cooed.

I got to our table, she leaned in and pecked my cheeks.

"Thank you." It felt so real unlike most of the things she did and said to me today.

"Anything for you..." I responded with a grin......




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