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❣️Finding Love❣️

🎲 {The Game} 🎲

🎰Episode Eleven🎰


    She walked briskly in front of me. I couldn’t stop myself I stared at her ass as she walked. Every guy in the hallway wanted to take a bite out of her from the look on their faces. I threw a glare at every last one of them. Vanessa didn’t seem to care, rather she embraced it and flashed them a smile or two. I increased my pace to catch up to her and we walked side by side. My eyes were fixed on her. She looked away concentrating on going to class. She finally got to her destination and I was still lost in her new found beauty, attitude and irresistible attraction.

"Thanks for walking me to class. I’ll see you during lunch." Her smile was so addictive, she clicked the door opened and walked in. I shook my head vigorously getting a hold of myself and finding my own class, it crossed my mind that the reason why she changed suddenly was because of what happened yesterday. She’s more into the game compared to when it began.

Classes were a bit hectic as I tried to catch up. Finally, I smiled immediately the bell was rung for lunch break. It means I would see her again.

"Hey man…." Zac patted my back from behind, I chuckled at the gesture, he was my best friend and he still is but since the game begun we barely had time to do anything together.

"Let’s go grab lunch" I shook my head in response and he scoffed, then he smiled.

"Oh , I get it .Who’re you hooking up with?" He smirked and licked his lips.

"Am not hooking up with anyone, I’m having lunch with Vanessa." He froze for a second before trying to stop himself from laughing. He failed because in the next 3 seconds, he was rolling his eyes in laughter.

"What’s so funny?" I asked annoyed.

"Nothing dudes. Nothing at all……" I walked past him and he followed still chuckling. As always, she would be at her locker waiting up me. I heard a low whistle from Zac, Vanessa was texting away on her phone, my eyes moved away towards Zac behind me, he was shamelessly checking her out. I couldn’t blame him. Any guy with eyes would take more than one look at her.

"Finally…." She trailed off, her eyes twinkling with excitement. She locked her phone and moved towards us. Okay, this was getting annoying, her new attitude and the fact that Zac might be undressing her with his eyes.

"Ready?" She beamed.

"Oh hey Zac…" She chirped happily, waving towards him.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" I beckoned on Vanessa, she shrugged before leading.

I walked with her towards the yard.

"Am hungry Skylar, what is it?"She whined, held her tummy and made a pouty face to emphasize it.

 "Okay, stop it!" I raised my tone in annoyance.

"Stop what?" She feigned confusion, arching her brow.

"This new outfits, new way of life, care free. I know I hurt you but stop it!" I exclaimed with all seriousness. She giggled.

"Am not doing anything really. Like I said, we’re playing a game Skylar, I might have gotten side tracked for a while, you got a few points and you thought you had a chance at winning but the events of yesterday proved to me that we’re playing a game so I suggest you keep up." She finished with a sweet smirk.

"Oh and Skylar, game on, I intend to win…." She whispered straight into my ears, placed a sweet peck on my cheeks, letting her lips linger more than it was necessary and walked away definitely adding more sway to her hips…….



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