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❣️Finding Love❣️

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   I clenched my teeth refusing to believe that there might be some truth to her words. A marriage like theirs can’t be fixed with any couples counseling no matter how good the therapist might be. Their supposed divorce was hurting at first but when I stopped to think how much pain they had caused themselves in the process, I realized they were much better apart than together. I realized that in the past one year, I couldn’t remember one family outing or movie night. There were no happy moments, just quarrels, harsh words and a lot of curses. Why would they even try and fix a marriage like that when its glaring  that they would only be Ok for a while and then it’ll be back to being at each other’s throat. It’s okay for them to try it. I want no part of it. My parents are separated for me.

After arriving at that conclusion, I placed my full focus on Vanessa and what I would say to her. I rode my bike to school with an empty mind. I guess I would have to figure something out when the time comes. I parked my bike in the parking lot, taking of my helmet. I exhaled in an attempt to calm my nerves down.

Then, I strode confidently into school, knowing full well she would probably be at her locker. I caught sight of a slender figure standing over her locker. It looked like Vanessa but it didn’t “LOOK” like Vanessa. For starters, she was obviously wearing a leather jacket when she usually goes for plain tops

My curiosity had reached its peak, that was Vanessa’s locker so did someone mistake it for theirs? Could there be a transfer student that’s lost or something? My questions would soon be answered, I quickened my pace to get a closer look and the sight that awaited me was breathing taking.

It was Vanessa alright but it was like she had a massive make over. She wore what would seem like a simple leather jacket only it made her look so “hot”. Her tights stuck to her skin revealing a shape I didn’t know girls could even possess. I bet a little drool was seeping from the side of my mouth. She finally noticed my presence and turned to face me. Her makeup was the same only she had a full smirk on her lips.

"Morning." She smirked, slamming her locker.

 "Okay, why is everyone acting like their bodies have been snatched or something. I ogled at her for the next few seconds. I closed my mouth before a drool with seep out suddenly remembering why I came here in the first place.

"Umm. Vanessa….." I trailed off, unable resist scratching my head.

"Yes Skylar…." She responded like we were cool and I didn’t hurt her yesterday.

"I just want to say am really sorry about yesterday I……" She cut me short, shaking her index finger telling me to keep shut.

"I’m the one who’s sorry Skylar, we’re playing a game remember and for a second, it escaped me but I’m okay now, I get it. No apologies necessary and let’s not talk about it again." She grinned holding her books tightly.

"Well, well would you look at that, someone missed a look at her mirror this morning" Sasha cursed, I wanted to reply her but Vanessa beat me to it.

"Correction, we’ll talk about it the last time and then forget about it." She muttered facing Sasha.

"Well, at least I don’t look like I got hit by a train on my way to school #Train wreck." I gigged unable to control myself.

"At least I got to have sex with Skylar freely, unlike you who he did it with because he was forced." Vanessa smirked and it almost seemed like she was expecting a comment like that.

"Sweet heart, yours was a quickie to satisfy a hard on. Yesterday was nothing related to begging. You might try to fool yourself but you and I both know that Skylar can’t be forced to do anything and even if you did force him, what happened next came natural and it was so delicious….." She licked her lips seductively, Sasha’s eyes turned red. Vanessa scurried away.

Just then, she turned back flashing me a sexy grin.

"Skylar, you coming." She pouted.

"This is definitely a body snatcher." I mumbled incoherently.......




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