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Season 1

Episode 85

(Yvonne proposal)

"Don't worry. I'm confident about myself. If she chooses Sam over me, it means he is superior to me." 

Charles said humbly, as if to suggest that if Autumn chose him over Sam, it would be a great honor for him. This got Yvonne more angry and jealous.     

"You don't have to belittle yourself, Charles. I think you're much better than Sam. I..." Yvonne got so excited that she held Charles's hand but Charles frowned a little.    

 "What are you doing?" Charles withdrew his hand from her and demanded, "Don't you dare forget who you are. I came here to see you only for your sister's sake. If you do anything that is out of line again, you cannot blame me for being rude!"  

"I am serious, Charles. I really..." Yvonne didn't think Charles could be so cruel to her, so she went ahead and continued trying to sway his mind.     

After all, nobody ever rejected her.     
"Enough!" Charles interrupted and shouted at her. "I'm only going to say this one more time. I know what you're thinking, but I'm telling you loud and clear that even if I happen to break up with your sister, God forbid for any reason, I won't ever date you. You're just not my type. Am I clear?"  

With a sneer, he added, "As you are Yvonne's sister, our paths will cross again. But remember, for me, you are only her sister. If you say those ridiculous words again, I promise I won't go easy on you anymore."    

"..." It didn't occur to Yvonne that Charles would say such unkind words to her. She was terrified.     

While the mood was a little awkward, the waiter came to serve. Yvonne bowed her head slightly and apologized, "Forgive me for being so abrupt, Charles. Let's hurry up and eat."  

Charles maintained a straight face, and ignored her. He made his feelings clear to her and was also aware of her intentions now. After two bites of steak, he stood up and said, "I'm full. You take your time but I think I should leave."    

"Charles!" Yvonne had just cut her steak and was about to eat it when Charles announced that he was leaving. Seeing that Charles was leaving, she requested him to stay a little longer.     

"Can't you just stay here a little longer with me? I haven't finished my meal yet." She looked at Charles pitifully, but he was not ready to change his mind. "Sorry, my wife hasn't eaten yet. I came here because of her. Now that I've had my meal and made myself clear to you, it's time for me to go. I have to have dinner with my wife."  

"Charles! Charles! Charles Lu!" No matter what Yvonne called him, Charles didn't look back. Autumn who was sitting close to the door hadn't order anything. As she looked up, she saw Charles walking towards her.     

She paused for a moment before asking, "Aren't you eating with my sister? How did you finish so quickly?"    

Charles finished his meal before she had started to order?     

"I came out as soon as I finished my meal in case that is what you want to know. Let's go home. Come on." Charles said, smiling as he pulled up Autumn from her seat.   

"But..." Autumn knitted her brows, worried that something was amiss.     
"Come on. I'd like to eat some egg noodles cooked by you. Let's go back. Will you cook it for me?" Charles acted in a pettishly charming manner, and Autumn just nodded helplessly.     

Walking out of the Red Rose Restaurant, Autumn kept asking Charles about his conversation with Yvonne. "Didn't you have dinner with Autumn? How did you come out so quickly? Did she say something out of line?   

"Yes." Charles smiled at her and answered, "She said she likes me. She even asked me to dump you and go out with her. What do you think about that?"    

It took Autumn a long time to react. She swallowed nervously, and replied, "She... she really said those words?"    

Charles nodded. He was curious to know her answer. "What do you think about that?" he asked again.     
"She is crazy!" Autumn replied, frowning. 'Yvonne, even if you were desperate to separate me and Charles, you shouldn't have done that. You're calling trouble for yourself.' she criticized Yvonne in her head.   

"Then... What did you say to her?" She asked him nervously after a long pause.     

"Take a guess?" Charles did not answer directly.     

Autumn had no idea what he would have told Yvonne. Moreover, she thought she wasn't good enough for Charles and always let him down. 

To be fair, Yvonne was very good looking. If Yvonne asked him out, why would he even say no?     

"You... You haven't said yes to her, have you?" Autumn asked him nervously.     

"You really have no confidence in me." After a sigh, Charles continued, "Of course, I gave her a firm refusal. 

And I told her I loved you very much. Moreover, I told her, if you don't decide to divorce me, I would want to spend the rest of my life with you."  

When Charles expressed his feelings, Autumn blushed a little.     

"Is that what you told her?" Autumn asked.     

"Yes, that's what I told her." Charles nodded and said, "Did I say anything wrong?"    

Autumn was so happy with his answer that she added two extra eggs to his egg noodles when she made dinner for him that day.     

Leila started her work in Shining Company, and Linda was her immediate boss. When she saw Autumn on the first day at work, her eyes widened in surprise. "Why are you here, Ye?" she asked.  

 "You are here, Leila" Autumn gave her a faint smile, without showing any intimacy. "Learn from Linda. If there is anything that you don't understand, ask her."    

"Okay, Sure." Leila nodded with a smile. She was clever and outgoing. Even Linda liked her very much, and patiently taught her everything. And they even gossiped from time to time.     

Ignoring their conversation, Autumn focussed on her work. At noon Leila came up to Autumn and said, "Ye, I have an appointment with Linda for lunch. Will you come with us?"  

"Sorry." Autumn shook her head and declined Leila's invitation. Linda who was standing not too far away from them, looked awkward. 

Autumn knew if she went for lunch with them, Linda would probably stay mum throughout the meal. She flatly replied, "Enjoy your lunch."    

"But..." Leila hesitated and tried to persuade her but Autumn pushed her out of the Secretary Department and said, "Hurry up. Linda is familiar with this area. Ask her to take you to eat something delicious."  

She breathed a sigh of relief as they left. 

Then she went and knocked on Charles's office door and asked, "Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"Okay." Charles answered with a smile. 


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