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Season 1

Episode 80

(Nancy apology)

"Young master, you don't have to speak in her favor." Until now, Nancy thought that Charles was on her side. She laughed heartlessly and continued, "I've been working here for years, but no one has found a point to blame me. Tell me, have I ever given you the chance to complain?"    

"I..." Facing Nancy's question, Autumn didn't know how to explain. 'Nancy is an elderly woman. So I can't offend her.' She thought.    

She grabbed the coat hung on the back of the chair, and told Charles, "Take your time. I will wait outside."  

"No. Stay here." Charles grabbed her by her arm and said to her, "It's your home too. Wait here."    

"Young master is right." Nancy gave Autumn a cold stare. She said, "We haven't finished yet. Why are you in a hurry to leave?"    

Charles shouted, "Enough!" On hearing Charles shout, Nancy freaked out. She stood still and said to Charles in a low voice, "Young..." master."    

Charles said to Autumn, "Follow me." Charles held her hand and walked towards Nancy. He said, "Nancy, you have served us dutifully in this house for years. Both grandpa and I have considered you as our family member. I am sure that you must have noticed it."  

"Yes..." Nancy fearfully looked at Charles. He looked very serious, and that made Nancy nervous. She continued, "Young master and master have never treated me as a servant. With your help, my grandson could manage to enter college the year before last year. For me, the Lu family is my savior. As long as I'm not too old to work, I'll stay here to take good care of both of you."    

Charles fixed his eyes upon Nancy. 'I know Nancy well. Although she is bad-tempered, she means well, and has no grudges against anyone. Besides that, she has wholeheartedly served me.' He mused. However, Nancy totally ignored Autumn here, which made him upset.  

Nancy believed that Charles had been forced to marry Autumn. Besides, she had already taken Rachel to be her future mistress since she knew about Charles's relationship with her. So she showed no respect to Autumn.    

'I should take half the responsibility for Nancy's behavior towards Autumn.' Charles reflected.    

He said with a frown, "Nancy. Perhaps grandpa and I have treated you too well these years, so you have forgotten your own identity."  

Nancy panicked but smiled and answered, "How dare I..." Observing Charles's anger, she continued, "I'm lucky to have met kind people like you and master. I will never cross the line again..."    

After hesitating for a while, Nancy continued, "Young master, if I did anything wrong, please let me know. I'll never do it again."    

'They treat you as a family member out of courtesy. If you cross the line, you'll regret the outcome.' Nancy thought to herself.    

Charles took Autumn in his arms and said, "Then let me make something clear to you. Now that Ye is my wife, she is the mistress of this house. I hope you can keep this in mind. If I find you offending her again, I shall not forgive you."  

"Young master, I..." Although Nancy was bursting with anger, she didn't show it on her face. She explained, " I have served you for years. How could I do you any harm. I'm just irritated by her..."    

Nancy wanted to put the blame on Autumn. 'I have worked years to obtain my status in the Lu family. I can't let that woman destroy it.' She thought.    

"Pardon?" Charles frowned and continued, "Nancy, don't show my wife any disrespect. You can call her mistress, or... Mrs. Lu. Are you clear?"  

Charles looked serious. When he saw Nancy nod her head, he continued, "As for this matter, I can roughly guess what happened between you two. How I got injured is none of your business. You're not allowed to attack Ye with this again. 

As for the pumpkin porridge, she gave an explanation. She is worried that pumpkin will influence the healing of my wounds. She didn't do it to put you down. Is that clear to you?"    

Nancy still wanted to explain. She said, "But..." Charles was just not ready to listen to her.  

He interrupted her immediately and said, "Nancy, now that she is married to me, she is my wife and your mistress. If I come to know that you have shown your disrespect to her again, then I'll have to fire you."    

Hearing this, Nancy was stunned. Even Autumn thought that Charles was overreacting.    

"Charles, you're being too serious. It's not a big deal. You shouldn't treat her like this." Autumn pulled Charles's sleeves and proceeded, "Nancy means no ill will to me. I should have made it clear to Nancy. It's not her fault."    

Autumn added with a frown, "It was just a mistake. Let it go. I'm fine." 

 Charles answered firmly, "No, it's not over." Although Autumn didn't mind at all, Charles couldn't let it go because it concerned her status in the family. He knew that many servants were discontented with Autumn. As things had happened, he planned to set an example to warn other servants.    

He wanted to let others know that even Nancy who had served him for years would be punished if she disrespected Autumn. After this, he'd like to see who in this house dared to offend Autumn.    

Charles proceeded, "Nancy, I want you to answer me now.  You can either apologize to Ye, or you can leave this job forever."  

Hearing their conversation, many servants gathered around the dining room. Nancy looked at them, and responded with a frown, "Young master, I..."    

'Before Autumn came, I had some status among these servants. Apart from Charles and Gary, even Chris respected me.    

But now Charles is asking me to apologize to Ye in front of so many people. How can I do this?' Nancy wondered.    

Nancy was full of hatred towards Autumn, but she couldn't dare to show it.    

Autumn held Charles by the hand, and persuaded, "Charles, you don't have to..." 'Asking Nancy to apologize to me in front of so many people will embarrass her so much.' Autumn thought.  

"Nancy, if something happens next time, I'll make it clear to you so as to avoid mistakes." Autumn came forward and took Nancy's hand and said, "Don't you have other work to do? You can go..."

Before Autumn could finish her words, Nancy shook her hand off. 
Autumn felt awkward. Charles got furious.



  1. Why does trouble seems to follow Autumn everywhere she is����,I don't get why a nice person go through all this
    Either way anticipating for the next episode

  2. Is Nancy said by Rachel? How can she be this heartless. Thank you writer



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