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Season 1

Episode 77

(Having a bath)

Coming out of the tea room, Charles directly went to Autumn and took her hand. He asked, "You're still chatting here. Aren't you tired?"    

"No. I just got back. I have been talking to Chris. She said that Z City is full of fun and I want to go out, so I thought why not..." "Stop talking now. I'm tired. Let's go upstairs and sleep, " Charles interrupted Autumn, and pulled her to her feet.    

"What did grandpa say?" Autumn asked casually as he led her upstairs. "Does he still blame me?"

 "What are you talking about?" There was a gleam in Charles's eyes. 

"Grandpa already told you that he wasn't blaming you. So don't think nonsense! "    

Charles's wound could not get wet. As soon as they entered the bedroom he told Autumn in a coquettish voice, "I am hurt, Ye."    

"I know that." Autumn nodded in bewilderment and continued, "You've been hurt for a week. Of course I know."    

Then she looked for his underwear and bath towel and urged him, "Now go and have a bath. I'll pour you a cup of hot water and you'll have to take some medicine later."  

With that, she put those things in Charles's hands. As she turned around, he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his arms. He held her so tightly that she could not break free.    

In an instant, his masculine air enveloped her. "What are you doing?" she asked, blushing. "Stop that now."    

"What? What am I doing?" Charles teased her. As he held her tightly feeling her warmth, he was rather satisfied.    

'The woman in my arms is my wife and the one I'm determined to protect for the rest of my life.' He felt great thinking about it. 

 "Charles, I know we're married, but... you promised that you wouldn't force me..." Autumn's face got a little red, and Charles seemed very wild to her tonight.    

"Did I say something wrong?" Charles asked, looking at her, tilting his head. "You see, I'm hurt now. 

What if my wound gets wet while I taking a bath?"    

"Er..." Without understanding his intention, Autumn thought it over, and offered, "Then... How about I get you a shower cap..."    

Charles was speechless and shocked. Though he had offered such an obvious implication, his wife had seriously thought of a solution for him.  

Then he simply held Autumn's hand and directly said, "I don't want a shower cap. Why don't you... give me a bath?"    

His voice was full of temptation, making Autumn go all blushy. 

"Come on, I..."    

"What? You will not do that for me?" 

Charles looked at her with an innocent face and added, "Autumn, don't forget that I was hurt because of you. I'm having a bit of trouble taking a bath myself. Won't you help me? "    

"I didn't mean that..." Autumn retorted anxiously lest Charles should misunderstand her. But the thought of bathing him was so intimate... How could she do that?  

"It's not that I don't want to help you, Charles, it's just..." She found herself at a loss for words.    

Charles looked at her with amusement. She was so unaware of his teasing and struggled for a long time. She feared that his wound would worsen while she also felt that it would be very embarrassing for her to bathe him.    
Charles was about to give up making fun of her. She took a deep breath and made up her mind. 

"Okay let's go. I'll give you a bath." she said, looking as if she were going to die out of the courage.    

"Wh... what?" Charles was dumbfounded. He had intended only to tease Autumn. He had never expected that she would agree in order to prevent his wound from deteriorating.  

"Come on. Don't waste time!" By this time, Autumn had completely let go off her shyness, and almost dragged Charles into the bathroom.    
She was afraid that she might lose her courage if she didn't hurry up.    

"Ye, forget it. I just..." Charles wanted to back off now.    

"Hurry up." Autumn was no longer shy and said, "You're hurt, and it will be really inconvenient."    

Entering the bathroom, she began undressing him. And she could not help but blush again when his well-built upper body was exposed to her. As her hand moved slowly down to the button of his pants, he caught her hand.  

He had always boasted about his self-control. But in front of Autumn, he always lost control.    

He was the one who started the game, but now he lost it.    

"What's wrong?" Autumn noticed his erection the moment she touched his suit pants. But she pretended as if it was nothing.    

"I'll do it by myself." Holding her hand, Charles said in a terriblly low voice.    

He quietly removed his pants and stood naked in front of Autumn. Now, she had no idea where to look.  

"I'll fill the tub." Charles had a head injury, so Autumn gave up the shower and prepared him a bath. Blushed, she avoided his gaze, and felt as if the bathroom was incredibly hot for that moment.    

The moment his clothes were all off, she peeked at him uncontrollably, though shy. As a result, the tantalizing scene played over and over in her mind like a movie.    

Pouring water into the bathtub, she bent down to check the temperature. But Charles, who was behind her, pulled her up and said, "I can do the rest by myself. You go out first..."  

"But..." Autumn frowned, but Charles said faintly, "Go out. I can really do it on my own. "    

Looking at the woman, the love of his life, Charles could barely control himself. If Autumn continued to stay in the bathroom with him, things would go out of hand.    

"I'm not so good at self-control. 

Don't tempt me into doing something wrong." His words were so plain and direct that Autumn understood him at once. Then she went out of the bathroom, with a reddened face.    

As she left, Charles turned on the cold water faucet. He didn't step into the bathtub until the water in it was totally cold.  

It was early fall, but taking a cold bath required a lot of courage. 

However, he didn't feel cold at all. For his mind was thinking of Autumn's shyness, and he kind of regretted teasing her in the first place. 



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