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Season 1

Episode 73

Sam never thought that Charles would bluntly talk about his relationship with Autumn. After a little hesitation, he said to Charles, "Mr. Lu, now that you're being all frank, I'll not hide my intentions from you. To be honest, she is the reason why I came back. I broke her heart several years ago. But this time, I want to win her back again."    
On hearing Sam's words, Charles frowned and said, "So you have decided to be my rival, right?"    

Sam laughed and said, "I left her because I didn't want to put her in an awkward situation because of my mother. I still can't forget her, but I'll never get her into trouble because she is now married to you."  

Charles didn't understand Sam's words. He asked in confusion, "What did you mean?"    

Sam replied with a slight smile on his face, "You're smart, so you should know what I mean." Autumn wasn't married to Charles for long, but Sam knew she really loved him.    
Although he loved Autumn, he didn't want to destroy her happy married life.    

He remembered a sentence. 

 The best way to love someone is to see her live a happy life. That was what Sam was thinking now.    

"She really likes you. Last night you risked your life to protect her. I saw her cry for you when you got injured. After that, I understood that you two are in love." After pausing for a while, Sam continued, "As she has chosen you, I'll respect her decision. But..."    

Charles frowned and interrupted him immediately, "What do you mean But?"    

Sam said seriously, "But if you break her heart, I'll steal her away from you. Then, you just can't blame me for it."  

"Don't bother yourself. You'll never have that chance." Charles began to like Sam now. 'It will be good if he becomes my brother-in-law.' He thought to himself.    

Charles flatly said, "Now that we're done talking about Yvonne. Let's talk about Chris." These two women were the most important people in his life, so he didn't want to see any of them get hurt. He continued, "I have grown up with Chris, so I know her well. Once she falls in love, she never changes her mind. What do you plan to do with her?"    

"I want to make it clear to you that I only treat her as my junior schoolmate. Nothing more. You know that I only love Ye." Sam said these words on purpose to piss off Charles.  

Charles stared at Sam and said, "Don't covet her. You two won't be together again. But I will be glad to see you and Chris as a couple."    

Sam curled his lip and answered, "It's impossible." 'If this happens, I'll have to call him my brother-in-law. It will never happen. Besides, I never had a thing for Chris.' He thought.    

Sam told Charles his feelings directly, "Chris and I are friends, and we'll continue being friends in the future too. We'll never be a couple. You have my words on that."    

When Charles heard Sam's direct refusal, he felt sorry for his sister.  

'Chris is a beautiful girl. She comes from a decent family. Most importantly, she is my favorite sister. How could Sam not like her?' He wondered.    

Charles wanted to know why he didn't like Chris. But before he opened his mouth, he heard Autumn's voice, "Chris, why don't you come inside?"    

Hearing the name Chris, both Sam and Charles frowned. They knew that Chris must have heard their conversation or she would have entered the room.    

"Chris, Chris, where are you going?" 

It had been a while since she was standing outside. She had already known that Sam loved Autumn. But when she heard Sam say that he and Chris were just friends, she was devastated.  

She ignored Autumn. After handing over the things in her hands, she turned back and ran downstairs. At this moment, she didn't want anyone to see her fragile side.    

As Chris lost her parents when she was very young, she became a pleasing and outgoing girl. She always made everyone in her family happy. They had been accustomed to seeing her smiling face, but they had forgotten... that this happy girl could also get sad.    

Autumn walked into the ward with a kettle in her hand. She asked the two men in confusion, "What happened?"  

Charles glared at Sam and said, "Go after her. If something happens to my sister, I'll not forgive you."    

Sam ran outside immediately without a word. He even forgot to greet Autumn.    

On thinking that Chris cried because of him, Sam felt guilty and his heart ached.    

"What's up?" Autumn asked. She acutely observed that Sam cared about Chris. If they two become a couple, she would be really happy for them. But...  

She was worried that Chris might get hurt if Sam turned her down.    

Charles replied smilingly, "Nothing." 'Although Sam confidently said that he wasn't interested in Chris, he probably didn't realize how concerned he looked when he ran outside. These two could be a couple.' Charles thought to himself.    
Charles asked, "Autumn, do you think Sam and Chris could be a good match?"    

"Yes, I think so." Autumn nodded in a yes and said, "Sam is a considerate man who can make anything seem easy and settled. As for Chris, she is an inexperienced girl. If they two get together, they could help each other grow."  

Charles knew what Autumn said was true. But when he heard Autumn praise Sam, he said with a frown, "Considerate? Do you mean he is better than me?"    

Autumn replied speechlessly, "You are getting envious again.."    

Sam ran outside anxiously, and he finally found Chris. He grabbed her by the hand when she was about to leave the hospital. He said, "Chris, I can explain... "    

Chris interrupted him immediately, "No, Sam. You don't have to explain this." She was sad, but she still pretended as if nothing had happened. She continued, "Sam, you're right. I have misunderstood you. I always thought that you were fond of me. But in fact, you never said that you liked me or gave me any hint. What I feel for you has got nothing to do with you. I don't blame you. You don't have to blame yourself for this either. "  

Chris squeezed a smile on her face, and continued, "I have to leave now if you have nothing else to say. My grandpa is waiting for me at home..."    

"Chris, you.." Sam felt heartbroken, but he didn't know why. He proceeded, "I don't mean that I dislike you. I just treat you like my little sister. I will help you if you get into any trouble in the future. Do you understand me?"  

"Yes, I do." To hide her sad face from Sam, Chris lowered her head. She continued, "Sam, I knew that you treat me like your sister, so I'll try to be your good sister and not bother you."    

Sam tried to explain further, "You..." 

But at this time, Chris removed his hand and stepped back. She bowed to Sam and said, "Bye, Sam!"    

He tried to seize her hand but failed, so he just stood there still and let her go.    

'Nothing will change even if I grabbed her hand. What else can I explain?' Sam thought.    

When Chris turned around to run away, tears were streaming down her face.  




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