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Season 1

Episode 72

(One on one with Sam)

Autumn sneered at Yvonne and continued, "Charles got hurt protecting me. Besides, I am still his wife. It's important and obvious for me to look after him."    

"Who are you to look after him again?" Yvonne scoffed at her, "Don't forget that I am the real Yvonne, and you... are nothing but a substitute."    

Yvonne was in fact truly worried about her situation. She was really desperate to bring everything back on track. She even started regretting fleeing from her wedding. 

Otherwise, Autumn would have had no chance of getting between her and Charles.  

However, what's done is done. She could only try her best to get Charles's forgiveness and acceptance now. "Autumn, I didn't know that you are such a scheming woman. First you ruined my date with Charles, then you deliberately got him injured. Don't assume that I've no idea what you are up to."    

She smirked and said, " I really want to know... if Charles will still be nice to you after he finds out about your relationship with Sam?"    

Yvonne thought she was attacking Autumn's weakness. But Autumn had already been frank with Charles about Sam, so she answered with a clear conscience, "It is no use threatening me with that. I must stay here and look after him. If you insist to take my place, then... 

 "So what?" Yvonne sneered, "I wonder if you can do anything about it."    

"Then I will tell Charles right away, that you are the real Yvonne. You want to become his wife? I will give this identity back to you right now." 

Autumn said with a serious expression. Yvonne knew she wasn't kidding.    

"How dare you!" Yvonne glared at Autumn.  

She went to work in Shining Company, and came here to visit Charles, with an agenda. She did all these things with a hope that Charles might appreciate her presence, and gradually develop a crush on her. Revealing her identity now would definitely enrage Charles.    

It would basically destroy all her hopes. Of course she didn't want that to happen.    

"Autumn, I don't think you are really going to do it. Let me assure you, if Charles finds out about our secret, you will never be able to see your grandma again." 'Threatening me, huh? Just wait and see!'  

As expected, Autumn's face darkened on hearing her words.    

After a long pause, Autumn decided to take her chance. "If you don't believe me, let's give it a try and see what happens, shall we? I believe that grandma will understand my position. She will not blame me for my decision."    

Yvonne began to turn red with anger. But she couldn't think of anything to fight back. Gnashing her teeth and pointing at Autumn's nose, she said, "Fine. Let's wait and see."    

Yvonne left without looking back. Autumn was finally relieved. God only knows how scared she was when Yvonne seemed to be going to such extremes.  

She took some time to calm herself before going back to the ward. 

"Would you like something to eat? I can go out and get anything you want." She said to Charles upon entering.    

"No, thanks." He replied. He rested against the headboard and put his phone down. He had just called David to talk about the company affairs, and asked him to bring some food on the way. He then asked Autumn to come over and grumbled, "What took you so long?"    
"I…" Autumn stayed mum. She didn't know what to say so she asked, "Are you thirsty? Let me get you some water."  

"Don't bother." Charles took her hand and made her sit on the edge of his bed. He forced her to look at him in the eye and asked, "Yvonne, haven't you got something to tell me?"    

Autumn was stunned. She felt guilty and could barely look at him.    

She was poor at concealing her emotions, and Charles saw right through her. He thought that they could put more trust in each other after this incident. So he had been waiting for her to reveal her true identity. But now it was obvious that she was not ready to speak it out.  

"I…" Autumn hesitated for quite a long time, but couldn't think of anything to say. Just when she was caught in this quandary, she heard Charles sighing, "Why Sam was there that night? Haven't I told you to stay away from him?" he asked.    
She breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that Charles might have found out about her true identity, hence this conversation. But now it seemed to her that Charles was only feeling jealous of Sam.    

She finally smiled and said, "Why? I have already told you everything about this past relationship. Are you still being jealous?"  

Charles's mouth twitched, "Of course I know you are not interested in him. But I saw the way he looks at you. It is different. Obviously, he is not over you yet. "    

Charles hated to make things difficult for Autumn, so he changed the topic. On hearing his words, Autumn burst into laughter and said, "Oh, dear! Stop making these unworthy conjectures. You should take care of yourself now."    

She continued to explain, "Even if we did have a relationship, it is now a thing of the past. It was a total coincidence that night. After all, I didn't know that the client Linda mentioned was him."    


"Of course it's true." Autumn vowed. "OK, let's just drop it."    

"Rat-a-tat." Autumn's last word was followed by a knock on the door. 

She turned around and saw Sam opening the door and coming in.    "Finally you are awake." he said. He brought a fruit basket to visit Charles. Autumn didn't expect that he would come back. "What brings you here?" She asked with surprise.    
She then got him a stool. In order to send Autumn away, Charles said, "Dear, I am a bit thirsty. Can you get me a cup of coffee, please?"  

"No way!" Autumn refused immediately. "You are still weak. Better have some hot water. I will go and get some hot water for you."    

"OK." Charles nodded lightly. After Autumn left, he turned to Sam and asked, "Now, what on earth are you doing here?"    

"I came here to see you, of course." Sam smiled faintly at him and said, "Look, I brought you some fruits, isn't it obvious enough?"    

"Don't fool around with it. It is certain that you are not here to visit me. It's not that simple." Charles said in a cold voice, "Sam, she will be back any minute. Tell me clearly, it is now or never.  

Charles sent Autumn away on purpose so as to talk to Sam face to face. He wanted him to lay all his cards on the table. "If you are not going to make it clear, then I will." 

Charles said, "I don't care about your relationship with her. Come what may, she is my wife now. You better put away all your unrealistic ideas. Note that I am not a generous person, especially in terms of love."



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