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Season 1

Episode 71


"I am fine. You can go back and have some rest first. My brother is not going to wake up for a while. I will stay here and take care of him." 

Chris took out the breakfast she bought for Autumn and said, "I got you breakfast, but I don't know whether you will like it or not. Eat it and then you can go back and have some rest."    

"It is not important Chris. I anyway won't get any sleep now. I am so worried about Charles." Autumn replied. "Why don't you go back to get some sleep first? You can take care of Charles after you get a good rest." Autumn tried to persuade Chris.  

"But......" Chris was going to say something, but she knew that Autumn was not kidding her. 

Therefore, she took a sigh and replied, "Well, I will go back and have some rest now. Take care of yourself. I will come back soon to cover for you."    

"Okay. Don't worry." Autumn nodded and then bid her farewell. After that, Autumn took a sigh of relief.    

When Charles woke up, Yvonne was sleeping alongside his bed. Though, she really wanted to go back home and get some rest but Wendy asked her to stay here. Wendy told her that Charles was frail after his injury. He would be moved if he noticed that she was there to take care of him while he was sick.  

  Therefore, Yvonne made efforts to send Autumn out of the ward so as to show off her concern to Charles.    
Charles woke up after the effects of the drug subsided. He smiled when he saw Yvonne upon opening his eyes.    

Obviously, he regarded Yvonne as Autumn. However, as he touched her hair, he soon realized that she was not Autumn.    

Yvonne also woke up because of his touch. She was so cheerful when she found that Charles was awake. "Charles, you are finally awake!"  

Yvonne grabbed his hands merrily. 

"How do you feel now? I rushed over here  as soon as I heard about your accident. Are you OK? Do you want me to call the doctor? "    

"No. There is no need to call the doctor. "Charles withdrew his hands indifferently. "Why are you here?" He asked with a cold voice.    

"I am here to take care of you." 

Yvonne replied in a casual manner and then asked, "Are you thirsty? Hang on for a second. I will get some water for you."    

Yvonne was trying to woo him assiduously. But unfortunately, it seemed that Charles was not going to appreciate her kindness. "Get out of here. Leave me alone." He said impatiently.  

"Charles, you......" Yvonne didn't back out because of his bad attitude, instead she strived harder to persuade him. "Charles, you are injured right now. I will definitely not leave you alone. And I am going to take care of you until you leave the hospital."    

Not paying any heed to her, Charles took out his phone to make a call to Autumn but Yvonne rushed to snatch away his cell phone. "What are you doing?" Charles asked angrily.    

"Charles, trust me. I will take good care of you." Yvonne replied calmly. 

"You can tell me what you want to eat and I will get that for you immediately."  

"Give it back to me." Charles was getting impatient now.    

But Yvonne ignored his words and kept persuading him, "You are injured. I will take care of your phone. You can tell me if you want anything. "    

"I have told you to give my phone back to me. Don't you understand?" 

Though Charles was really irritated now, Yvonne still declined his request. She knew that he would make a call to Autumn if he got his phone back.    

So she just stood beside him with his phone in her hand. But suddenly Charles threw away the quilt and struggled to take back his phone. 

"What are you doing? Take care of yourself.  You are wounded. What if the wound gets worse?"  

Autumn had been waiting outside the ward. Regardless of Yvonne's warning, she broke in when she heard Charles arguing with Yvonne inside. Autumn was stunned as she found that Charles had withdrawn the needle. She rushed to him and asked anxiously, "What are you doing? Don't you know you are a weak patient right now?"    

"Where did you go?" Instead of answering her question, Charles asked Autumn. Charles felt relieved when he saw that Autumn was ok. 

Hand in hand, he got her to lead him back to his bed. He was afraid that Autumn might leave him alone again.  

"Lie down." Autumn held him carefully while Yvonne stood there indignantly..    

"Are you OK? Do you feel better now?" Autumn looked at him with teary eyes. She almost burst into tears when she saw the gauze on his head.    

Charles shook his head quietly. "I am fine. I am glad that you are here with me. You are the best doctor for me." He tried to comfort Autumn. 

 After hearing this, Autumn blushed. "Don't joke with me right now." She pretended to complain about him.    

"You are my wife. Why can't I joke with you?" Charles said cheerfully. 

Yvonne was not happy to see their intimacy. So she turned to Autumn and said, "Sis, I remember, you told me that you have to deal with some emergencies.. Go ahead. I will stay here with Charles."    

Yvonne sneered and added, "Don't worry. I promise you that I will take good care of him."    

Charles furrowed his brow after hearing this.    

He could see through Autumn's feelings since he was now clear about her real identity. However, he also felt helpless since he could not disclose Yvonne's true colors at the moment, so he just firmly gripped Autumn's hand.  

"Don't worry. I will be fine."  Autumn patted his hand gently and went on, "Take a good rest here. I will be back soon."    

But Charles still looked worried. Autumn smiled to relieve him. "Don't worry. I promise you I will be fine."    

Charles loosened his grip. "Well, then could you hurry up? I am hungry."    

Autumn nodded and coldly instructed Yvonne, "Come out with me."  

Taking a glance at Charles lying on the bed, Yvonne found that he was even reluctant to look at her. 

Yvonne stamped her feet on the ground with anger and went out with Autumn. As soon as they got out of the ward, Yvonne grabbed Autumn's hands and said indignantly, "Autumn, did you forget what I told you? I asked you to get out of the hospital. Why are you still here?"    

However, Autumn just remained silent. Yvonne got more irritated by her silence. "Do you hear me? I am talking to you!"    

"Yvonne, I think you might also not want Charles to know that you eloped with another man so as to avoid marrying Charles, right?" 

Autumn asked her after for a long pause.  

"What do you mean?" Yvonne was shocked since she never expected Autumn to talk to her like this. "Are you threatening me? "Don't you dare forget that your poor grandma is still detained by me."    

Autumn felt sad when Yvonne mentioned her grandma. But the thought of Charles's condition got her worried about him further. 

"Yvonne, don't you threaten me with my grandma. I know that you still need me, so you would definitely not return my grandma to me now."  




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