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Season 1

Episode 70

(Charles is in the hospital)

Chris…" Seeing a family member show up, Autumn got nervous. She pulled Chris's hands and pleaded, "Tell me he is fine…"    

Autumn had no idea how Charles was and she was in desperate need for someone to tell her over and over again that Charles would be fine.    

She believed it would be true if someone said it repeatedly.    

"Take it easy, Yvonne." Though Chris was equally worried, she kept comforting Autumn. "My brother has always been very lucky. He even survived the car accident that got my parents killed. This little accident can't do any harm to him." 

 Autumn didn't know it until today that Charles's parents died in a car accident. She was shocked to know that Charles was in the same car with them and watched his parents die so helplessly. How did he hold it up all the way?    

"It's all my fault…"    

Autumn was interrupted by Chris before she could even finish her sentence. "What?are?you?talking?about? It's the fault of that scumbag. Why are you blaming yourself?"  

Being a fighter against injustice as she was, Chris said in anger, "If I were there, I would have taught that scumbag a good lesson."    

She gently pacified Autumn and waited for Autumn to calm down. Then she turned to Sam Lin and said, "Sam, thank you so much for today. Now it's late and you should go back home. I will stay here with my sister-in-law."    

"Will the two of you be okay?" Sam wanted to be with Autumn, but he knew that now he was in no position to do that.    

"Yes, be rest assured." Chris nodded briefly. Autumn, who was standing on the side, also added, "Sam, I was lucky that you were there today. Charles and I shall thank you in person when he's a little better."  

"No, it's not necessary." Sam smiled and told them, "Now, you both take care of yourselves and call me if you need any help."    

"OK." Chris nodded slightly. Having watched Sam leave, the two seated themselves on the bench and impatiently waited for the lights in the operating room to go out.    

After a long while, the lights in the operating room finally went out. 

Autumn tried to stand up but her legs got numb because she had been sitting for too long. Chris on her side helped her get up and said, "Be careful!"  

Autumn walked in front of the doctor and asked, "Doctor, how is my husband now?"    

"He's got a slight concussion because of the impact in the head. In addition, we gave him four stitches on the head. Now he'll be transferred to the general ward. It's nothing serious."    

Knowing Charles was fine, Autumn felt relieved.    

Autumn and Chris stayed up all night, but when they saw Charles quietly lying in the bed, they felt it was all worth it.    

"Autumn, please don't tell Grandpa about my brother's injury at the moment. We'll talk about it after he wakes up." Chris reminded Autumn.  

"I see." After all, her grandpa Gary was an old man now, he might not be able to stand such a big shock.    
"Please stay here with my brother and I'll go out to get some breakfast for us. You haven't slept all night, and you need something to replenish?yourself."    

Charles would wake up any moment now and he would have wanted to see Autumn when he opened his eyes. Chris made an excuse and left the two alone in the room.    

Autumn held Charles's hands tightly and couldn't help but complain, "Why are you so stupid? It was such a big bottle and you didn't even dodge."  

"If something like this happens again, you just don't worry about me, OK? All I want is for you to be safe and sound."    

"Do you hear me? Wake up right now if you hear me, OK?"    

As Autumn was chattering away, someone broke into the ward all of a sudden. She grabbed Autumn's wrist and dragged her away from Charles. "Get out! I don't want to see you here."    

It was Yvonne. She didn't know that Charles bailed on her because of Autumn until Wendy Ye went home and told her what she saw and heard in detail.  

She was waiting alone in the restaurant for three hours, and Charles didn't show up at all.    

"Look at you, Autumn Ye. You are such a jinx. Get away from here now. I don't want to see you, and Charles doesn't want to see you, either." Knowing Autumn so well, Yvonne targeted every word on Autumn's weaknesses. "Look at what you have done? Only bad luck has followed Charles ever since the day you two married. It's only a few days, and Charles is now in hospital and unconscious because of you. 

You are really bringing bad luck to others."    

"Stop it!" Autumn frowned. What Yvonne just said was like a sharp spear piercing her heart.  

"Yvonne, I know that you hate me, but he got hurt because of me, so I have to stay here. You have my word, as soon as he wakes up, I will leave." Looking at Charles's pale face, Autumn's heart ached.    

Yvonne was right -- he was hurt only because of her.    

"Autumn, don't you think that I don't know what you're up to. You are trying so hard to make him fall in love with you. Your tactics won't ever work on him. Do you understand? I am telling you, as long as I live, I won't let that happen. Don't you even dare think about it." 

Yvonne sneered, "And don't forget, I am his wife, and you are nothing but a substitute."  

Autumn's face turned pale, but she was unable to say anything against Yvonne. After a long while, she murmured, "I just want to be here with him until he wakes up."    

"No. Don't you understand what I just said?" Yvonne said scornfully, "I am here to take care of him. You get off from him right away."    

Yvonne drove Autumn out of the ward without saying another word. She didn't care about Autumn's misery at all.    

Autumn had no choice but to sit on a chair outside the ward. She silently gave Charles company in her own way.  

Having kicked out Autumn from the ward, Yvonne felt pretty good. She didn't care about how badly Charles was wounded at all. All she cared was that now at this moment, she was the one standing next to Charles.    

She reached out and touched Charles's eyes and brows, gently stroking him inch by inch. She did this a thousand times in her dreams, and now, the touch of her hand on his face reminded her that all this was real.    

"Charles…" She murmured, as if she had been calling him countless times. "I will be with you from now on, and I will never let Autumn come close to you again."  

When Yvonne was quietly sitting on Charles's bedside, Chris who went to buy breakfast came back. Seeing Autumn sit outside the ward, she asked, "Why are you sitting here, Yvonne?"

"No... nothing." Autumn got up and stood in Chris's way, lest she might find out that Yvonne was in the ward. Seeing Yvonne there, she might even get suspicious. "Chris, you have also stayed here with me all night. Why don't you go back home and take some rest?"



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