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Season 1

Episode 69

(Charles got injured)

Hearing this, Linda was stunned, "What... what did you say?"    

'He is a married man. How could he openly...' Linda wondered.    

"What? Haven't I make myself clear?" Charles smiled coldly and continued, "I'll make it easier for you to understand. Open your ears. Ye is my woman. She is my legally wedded wife. Do you hear that?"    

On hearing this, Linda fell to the ground. She supposed that Ye was probably an acquaintance of Charles. But it had never occurred to her that she was 'the' Mrs. Lu.  

'We never saw him take any woman so seriously since Jenny and I followed Charles years ago. Even that super star Rachel never got this treatment.    

It's my fault. I should have recognized their relationship.' Linda blamed herself.    

"Mrs. Lu... How is it even possible..." 

She kept babbling to herself, "It's my bad luck... How could I have offended Charles's wife without even noticing it?"    

Charles stood up and told Autumn, "Let's go." He grabbed her hand and decided to leave. Mr. Song, who was lying on the ground, got irritated by Charles's words. He snatched a bottle of wine on the table and dashed it to Charles and Autumn.  

He had never been insulted like this before.    

Things happened too fast. Sam nervously shouted, "Watch out!"    

Charles didn't know what was happening behind him, but he held Autumn to his breast unconsciously.    

Bang! Charles was hit by a wine bottle on his head. All of a sudden, the bottle broke down into pieces and fragments of glass spread around. The wine splashed on the ground. Charles's head turned red instantly.  

"Stay still, " Sam warned Mr. Song. He immediately walked forward and stopped Mr. Song. He left Mr. Song to Peter, and then called the police. 

When he turned around, he saw Autumn holding Charles in her arms. She was freaking out.    

Sam told Autumn, "Stop crying. Rush him to the hospital immediately." Charles was hit, but he still consoled Autumn with a smile on his face, "Stop being a fool. It's no big deal. I'm fine."    

"But you're bleeding..." Autumn cried incessantly. She blamed herself, 'If it hadn't been for me, Charles wouldn't have been injured like that.    
I always get people around me into trouble.'  

"Don't talk rubbish. It's all my fault..." replied Charles. Autumn could not stop sobbing.    

Charles reached his hand to touch her face and stop her from crying but he was now losing his consciousness. Before he touched her face, he blacked out with his hand falling straight to the ground.    Autumn wailed.    

"Well, stop crying." Sam felt terrible when he watched his beloved woman holding another man in her arms and weeping in grief.    

He looked in the rearview mirror and caught a glimpse of Autumn. 

Seeing her heartbroken expressions, he felt sadder than her.  

He knew Autumn was anxious, he kept running red lights all the way. Soon, they arrived at the hospital.    

Terrified as she was, Autumn had no idea what to do. Sam handled the registration procedures and paid the registration fee. She squatted on the exit of the operating room, with her eyes fixated on the room door.    

After finishing all the formalities, he came back. When he looked at Autumn''s back, he felt grieved. He handed her the hot coffee he got for her and said, "Little Ye, sit down and take a rest.    

Autumn shook her head and said in a hoarse voice, "No, thanks..." 

Before she was sure that Charles was safe, she couldn't eat or drink anything.  

Sam persuaded, "Little Ye, you can do nothing for Charles right now. I don't think he will want to see you like this when he comes out of the operating room. You have to gather yourself for the sake of Charles." To be honest, Sam was taken aback when he saw Charles hold Autumn to his breast unconsciously. 'He wouldn't have protected her like this if he didn't feel anything for her.' He thought to himself.    

Autumn muttered, "I want to be here with him." 'I'm not a good wife. Ever since we got married, I have only brought trouble to him.' She thought.  

"If I were him, I wouldn't want to see you act like this." Sam helped her get up and held her to the corridor. 

He seated her on a bench and said, "All you need to do now is stay calm. Since he is in the hospital, should we... inform his family?"    Reminded by his words, she said, "You're right. I need to make a call." She took out her phone, to dial Chris's number. A voice reached her ear, "Hello..."    

Hearing her voice, Autumn couldn't help but cry. Chris flurried too when she heard Autumn crying. She asked hurriedly, "Yvonne, what's the matter with you? What happened?"

  Autumn calmed down after she heard Chris's comforting words.    

It was too late so she didn't dare to call Gary. She feared that he might overreacted. She told Chris what had happened. Chris said immediately, "Yvonne, send the address to me. I'll come right away."    
Hearing that Chis would come, she felt much relieved. She walked to the door of the operating room, totally ignorant of Sam who had his eyes fixated on her.    

Wendy too rushed to the hospital because the doctor told her that Autumn's grandma didn't have much time.  

Wendy had hidden Autumn's grandma in the hospital so as to keep Autumn in her control. Before she left the doctor's office, the doctor urged that Autumn's grandma needs an immediate surgery or it would be too late to save her life.    

After hesitating for a while, she thought it was unnecessary to spend that much money on her. She asked the doctor to keep Autumn's grandma alive for another three months. 'In three months, Yvonne could get Charles to fall in love with her. Then, I will not need Autumn any more.' Wendy thought to herself.  

As soon as she walked out of the doctor's office, she caught sight of Autumn.    

She followed Autumn out of curiosity. After enquiring the nurse, she got to know that Charles got himself injured for Autumn and he was having an operation in the operating room.    

She frowned with anger.    

'Today Yvonne gladly told me that she would have dinner with Charles alone. How could he get hurt for Autumn?' She wondered.    

Then, Wendy quietly transferred Autumn's grandma to another hospital. After she got everything settled, she left the hospital without being noticed by Autumn.  

When Chris arrived at the hospital, Wendy saw her. Chris didn't see Wendy because her head was occupied with thoughts of Charles. 

After reaching the exit of the operating room, she found Sam there.    

Chris asked with a frown, "Sam, why are you here?"    

Sam replied, "Today, I had an appointment with Linda. You know that I just came back from abroad. HKind Goup is undergoing a transition, so we were seeking a new partner. I didn't expect that your sister-in-law would be there too and Charles got injured. Chris, I'm really sorry..."  

Sam looked at Chris and apologized to her. Chris waved her hand and said, "You don't have to apologize. If it were not for you, Yvonne couldn't have been able to handle all of it on her own."



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