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Season 1

Episode 68

(Declaration of relationship in public)

"Mr. Song, I didn't say you took advantage of me after I threw the wine on you." Autumn sneered. If he was not guilty, he wouldn't say that.    
Mr. Song gave a murderous glance at Autumn and stated, "Those present here witnessed that. Am I telling the truth, Sam Lin?"    

Mr. Song wanted to ask Linda to testify for him. However, Linda seemed to have lost her wits after Charles's arrival. So, he had to ask Sam to help him in haste.  

Mr. Song was certain that Sam wouldn't dare to set himself against him. Unexpectedly, Sam gave a little smile and looked at him in the eye, "Mr. Song, she never said you took advantage of her. Did you mention that out of your own guilt? "    

"You..." Mr. Song's face was distorted with rage. He didn't expect Sam to say that. He immediately laughed, "Oh, I see. You are with this bitch. You must have already got off with her!"    

Others didn't know the relationship between Autumn and Charles, but Sam knew about it. He could not restrain his anger on hearing Mr. Song's accusation, so naturally Charles who was Autumn's husband was deadly furious.  

Charles gave a brittle laugh and said in a cold, dead voice, "Mr. Song, could you say it again? Bitch?"    

"Isn't she a bitch?" Mr. Song gave a scornful smile, "Mr. Lu, I know she is your secretary. Don't be fooled by this bitch! She seduced me! Even Mr. Lin is taking her side. I'm sure they are having an affair..."    

Mr. Song was continuously mouthing bad words, and in a blink of the eye Charles seized him by the throat. Charles had the eyes of a vicious wolf as if he was going to slaughter Mr. Song. Mr. Song felt as if he was going to suffocate. He beat Charles's hand in a panic, "Charles Lu, are you out of your mind? Don't forget, we are partners. Let go of me, otherwise, I'll break this partnership!"  

"Which hand did you use to touch her?" Charles ignored Mr. Song's threat and asked him with a sneer.    
Mr. Song had threatened Sam with the termination of the partnership with him, but failed. Now, he tried to play the same trick on Charles. That was ridiculous!    

"Let me off!" Mr. Song could not breath.    

"Forget it." In order to simmer down the things, Autumn grabbed Charles's arm and said, "It's not a big deal. Forget it."  

Charles ignored Autumn's suggestion. He stared at Mr. Song's right hand and asked, "Did you use this hand?"    

"I guess so. She was sitting on his right side." Sam fanned the flames. 

How dare Mr. Song take advantage of Autumn? Even if Charles would let him go, Sam would not spare him.    

A faint smile appeared on Charles's lips. The very next second he heard the sound of fracture. Mr. Song howled like a wounded animal.    

"Don't you dare show up in front of me from now on. Otherwise, I won't spare you!" Charles let Mr. Song off. 

He threatened and looked at him in the eye.  

Autumn frowned.    

"Charles Lu, how dare you do this to me? I swear, you'll pay for this!" Mr. Song covered his wrist with his left hand and shouted, "Just, wait and see!"    

"Come on back, I'll be right here." 

Charles pulled out a chair and sat down before he took out his cell phone and called David, "David, issue a Letter of Cancellation. I'll terminate the partnership with Mr. Song. From now on, Shining Company won't cooperate with Mr. Song anymore. Moreover, inform our partners, if they ever have any transaction with Mr. Song in the future, we would break up the partnership with them too."  

David immediately went on to issue the contract without raising any question. He knew the last thing Mr. Song should do was to offend Autumn. Charles would not forgive anyone who dared to take an advantage of his wife.    

"You... How dare you?" Mr. Song didn't expect Charles to terminate their partnership for a mere secretary.    

"Well..." Sam stated slowly, "Mr. Song, I don't care about the partnership between HKind Group and you. Now, I'm in charge of HKind Group and I don't want to cooperate with you anymore. I'll pay for the liquidated damages. I have only one request, I don't want to see your face in the future."  

Two exceptional men had taken their stands for Autumn. Linda was consumed with jealousy.    

Mr. Song was lustful, but he was nice to Linda. Most of Linda's orders came from Mr. Song. If Charles terminated their partnership, Linda would have a hard time at Shining Company too.    
Linda decided to dissuade Charles because he was envious of Autumn and she wanted to strive for her own interests.    

Although Linda feared and respected her boss, she mustered her courage and spoke, "Mr. Lu, I know you have a close relationship with Ye. But... I have to tell you something."  

Charles turned to Linda with a frown.    

Linda swallowed hard and continued, "Mr. Song didn't do anything wrong. It was Ye who first threw the wine on him. She even gave a false account of the true facts. If she stays in Shining Company, she would stir up troubles in the future as well."    

"You mean, Mr. Song was telling the truth and Ye was lying?" Charles asked.    

"Right!" Linda nodded firmly.  

"Mr. Lin also lied?"    

"Yes, he lied. Mr. Lin is Ye's acquaintance as I heard her call him 'Sam.' The reason Mr. Lin helped Ye is because of their relationship. Mr. Song is our big client. It's not appropriate to offend Mr. Song for a slut like her."    

Charles's face darkened. He continued, "So... Ye did seduce Mr. Song?"    

Linda hesitated before she nodded. She had to sacrifice Autumn for her own interests. "Yes, Ye seduced Mr. Song. On top of that, she even got confused between right and wrong. Shame on her!"  

Sam responded with a sneer. Linda had it coming.   

 Sam didn't understand why Autumn had to conceal her identity after getting married to Charles. He wondered what had happened to her.    

But he uttered no word as he stood still and looked at Charles. Charles gave a scornful smile, "Linda, I thought you were clever. When you provoked Jenny to insult Ye, I turned a blind eye to that. I thought you would behave after seeing Jenny being fired. But I didn't expect you to be such an idiot."    

"Do you think... my wife would seduce a bald-headed, middle-aged man?" Charles stated in a loud voice. This was the first time that he admitted his relationship with Autumn in public. He was forced to do it under the given circumstances, but he also wanted to warn Sam, 'Do not hold any unrealistic ideas about Autumn.'  




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