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Season 1

Episode 66

(Sam stood up for Autumn)

So Charles Lu was confident that she could handle the situation and close the deal on her own. What she said to Sam Lin today was only to reduce the distance between them.    
Linda Zhao relaxed a bit. She smiled and told Sam, "Let's drink, Mr. Lin. It is important to have fun in life. It doesn't make any sense to care so much about the trivial details. Don't you think so?"    

Linda smiled and filled Sam's glass again. "I know you are not feeling well, so I bring you red wine this time. So… should we have a toast on that?"  

"Sorry, I don't drink wine." Sam said faintly.    

Linda looked embarrassed for a second but continued, "Mr. Lin, come on… this is really embarrassing."    

"How come…" Sam smiled and said, "Peter will drink with you, okay?"    

When Sam stopped talking, Peter stood up. "Miss Zhao, please don't make things difficult for Mr. Lin. I'll drink it up with you. Please consider it as our redemption."    

Peter drank up the wine without saying another word. No matter how hard Linda tried, Sam didn't drink at all. Linda was getting a bit anxious.  

Till now, Sam didn't drink any wine. 

Linda knew very well that several business deals were closed at this table only after the involved parties were satiated with food and?drinks. 

If Sam remained as sober as he was now, she might not be able to finalize the deal.    

Linda stood up and put her hands on Sam's shoulder. "Mr. Lin, about the cooperation..."    

While she was talking, Sam stood up in an instant. Although he was talking to Linda, his eyes were on Autumn. Seeing Mr. Song force Autumn to drink, he could no longer sit still.  

"Lin… Mr. Lin, what's wrong?" Linda was shocked. So was Mr. Song who was seated on the other side of the table. He stopped what he was doing to check on Sam, "Mr. Lin, what's the matter?"    

"Nothing..." Sam struggled in his heart but finally sat down and told Linda, "Take a seat. There are a few details about the cooperation that needs to be clarified. Peter will discuss the same with you."    

"OK…" Linda took a seat by his side. 

Peter raised a couple of specific questions and Linda gave him the appropriate answers. Indeed, she was quite a professional at work.  

"Mr. Lin, I have no further questions." After getting satisfactory answers, Peter told Sam, "Miss Zhao made a great offer and the product quality is guaranteed. Most importantly, Shining Company has a very good reputation. If you are okay with it, we can fix a time for the contract-signing."    

"Good." Sam nodded slightly and suddenly asked Linda, "Miss Zhao, who is this lady over there…"    

Linda was elated about the cooperation. However, her smile vanished in an instant when Sam enquired her about Autumn. She asked Sam, "Mr. Lin, are you interested in her, too?"  

"No." Sam said placidly, "She looks kind of familiar, like a classmate from the old times…"    

"Oh, I see." Linda took a sigh of relief and told Sam, "She joined the company today. She is Ye. She works as a small secretary here. 

There is no way that she could have been your classmate, Mr. Lin."    

One was a senior executive and the other was a mere secretary, how could the two be rooted from the same soil?    

"Is that so?" Sam frowned slightly but his eyes were fixated on Autumn. He was concerned about her.  

"Yes." Linda nodded a little. "She probably wanted to push herself forward in front of the boss so she desperately wanted to be here. And now she's playing all innocent here. 

I don't know what's in her mind."    Sam stopped talking while Linda was still rattling and bad-mouthing Autumn. After his efforts to force Autumn to drink went in vain, Mr. Song went ahead and crossed another line. He started touching Autumn inappropriately and reached out for her hips. Autumn stood up immediately and threw a glass of wine on his face.    

While she remained silent, Linda went mad.  

She hurried over and dragged Autumn away, "Ye, I brought you here to help me out, not to increase my troubles. What have you done?"    
Autumn brushed her off and didn't say a word. Linda checked with Mr. Song nervously, "Are you all right Mr. Song?"    

"Yes." Mr. Song tried to be very patient with Autumn but when Autumn threw a glass of wine on his face he felt totally disgraced in front of Sam. He put on a long face and accused Autumn saying, "What have you done? I was being so nice to you. Why would you throw this wine on my face?"    

Mr. Song sneered at Autumn, "So this is the part where the whore declares herself as a virgin. Didn't you come here with Linda to sell your body? Stop playing innocent!" 

 Autumn's face turned pale and Linda didn't look good either.    

What Mr. Song said hurt Linda's feelings too.    

Nevertheless, Linda forced a smile and told Autumn, "Stop standing there like a tree. Come over and clean up for Mr. Song! And, apologize to him right away!"    

Her voice was stern, leaving no chance for Autumn to argue.    

Autumn stood by and said, "I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I apologize?"  

Linda was so angry that her face turned green. It was not about right or wrong. What would happen to her future orders if Mr. Song was pissed off?    

She frowned and told Autumn, "There is no right or wrong. You offended Mr. Song. That's why you must apologize."    

Mr. Song gave a scornful laugh and wiped his face off angrily. He marched towards Autumn and said, "Bitch, look at how I will make you suffer now."    

He raised his palm and waved at Autumn's face heavily. Autumn closed her eyes. She was expecting some pain from the slap but she felt nothing. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Sam was grabbing Mr. Song's hand.  

"What happened, Mr. Song? Why are you so mad?" Sam was wearing a fake smile and looked frightening.    
Then Sam tightened his grip on Mr. Song's hand. Mr. Song frowned slightly and asked, "Mr. Lin, what are you doing?"    

"Nothing." Sam let go of Mr. Song and said, "She's a lady after all. Don't push yourself too hard on her. 

Please, don't do it in front of me. I can't see a woman being attacked like that."    

Mr. Song rubbed his wrist slightly and explained to Sam, "Mr. Lin, I am not someone who's being unreasonable here. This woman here humiliated me and I will make her pay for it. Just don't get involved in this. I'll handle it on my own."  

"That won't work." Sam said to Mr. Song with a big smile. He slowly stepped in front of Autumn and stood in Mr. Song's way. "Now that I am here, I can't let you bully her. Mr. Song, do me a favor, please."


  1. Mr. Song you are in shit. Just pray your contract is not terminated. Thanks writer

  2. so is this what Linda has been doing to win contracts and deals for the company? ??



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