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Season 1

Episode 65

(An obvious lie)

Autumn stayed in the rest-room for quite a long time. She was in a dilemma whether she should go back or not. On thinking about Mr. Song's annoying mug face, Autumn frowned and clenched her fist.    

Finally, Linda came to look for her. 

She furrowed her brows when she found that Autumn was standing there, astounded. "What are you doing here? The client have arrived. 

Why don't you go to receive our client? Follow me. Hurry up."  

"Linda, I......" Autumn pondered over and said, "Can you go by yourself? I will wait for you here and I will find you when you have finished the meal."    

"How can that be possible?" Linda scowled at her and asked, "Ye, are you kidding me? You have to go out now. He is here already. Are you afraid that Mr. Song would take advantage of you?"    

"......" Autumn kept silent. Linda smirked and said, "Well, I know that you are worrying about that. But don't worry. Mr. Song won't act in a frivolous manner. He is just joking. 

What's more, now the client has arrived. So I can't deal with them alone."  

Saying this, Linda grabbed her hands and said, "Let's go. They have been waiting for a long time now.    

Autumn hesitated for a second but finally went out with Linda.    

Linda headed in first and then apologetically told them. "I am sorry, Mr. Song. She is a new comer. Please don't mind for her impertinent manners."    

Linda pushed Autumn forward and said, "Ye, hurry up. Propose a toast to Mr. Song and apologize to him."    
Autumn looked up slightly. But when she saw Sam sitting there, her brows furrowed. She had never expected that the client Linda highly praised would be Sam.  

Didn't he just come back from abroad? What was his purpose behind contacting Shining Company?    

Sam's eyes lighted up as soon as he saw Autumn. The main reason for his dealings with Shining Company was that he wanted to get a chance to know more about Charles. In this way, he could gain an advantage to compete with Charles for Autumn.    
But he didn't expect that he would meet Autumn here.    

'Isn't she married to Charles? Why is she here? Did Charles ask her to be here?' Sam wondered.  

"Stop staring blankly.  Ye, hurry up, " said Linda. Autumn was pushed by Linda when she was still a little stunned. "You have to drink with Mr. Song tonight. I am going to take care of Mr. Lin." Linda went on.    

Autumn became furious at Linda for pushing her abruptly. She was still lost in her thoughts, wondering about Sam's purpose. "You know I can't drink." Autumn replied with a cold voice.    

She is a woman of poor drinking capacity. Not to mention that she would definitely not want to drink on such an occasion.    

"Why are you so ignorant? Don't you know that it is a significant occasion? In any case, you have to take care of Mr. Song and drink with him." David and Charles were not here. That was why Linda was becoming so bossy.  

"Hurry up." Linda urged again. After finishing her words, Linda pushed Autumn towards Mr. Song. Sam was just observing things silently, as if he was a stranger.    

"I told you. I can't drink." Autumn was not compromising today.    

They reached a deadlock there while Mr. Song said with a smile to ease the situation. "Well, don't force her to drink knowing that she can't drink. Linda, order a glass of juice for her."    

"Mr. Song, you can't have a soft and forgiving heart for her. I am afraid that she would get spoiled." Linda chuckled and then asked the waiter for the juice.  

"I would like to do that for her", replied Mr. Song. He took Autumn's arm to sit down and told Linda again. "Linda, go and accompany Mr. Lin. Don't worry about me. Miss Ye will take care of me."    

"Okay." Linda replied briefly. She nodded and stepped towards Sam. 

Linda showed a big smile and said, "Mr. Lin, I am also not a drinker. But in order to show my sincerity for your company, I will break my rule to drink with you tonight. I shall propose a toast to you first. "  

She took out a goblet while talking, pouring a glass of white spirit for herself. After that, she poured another glass of spirit for Sam with a smile. But Sam had ignored Linda completely since he just kept gazing at Autumn who sat opposite him.    

Cautious, Autumn sat there silently with a frown while Mr. Song kept joking with her. However, Autumn was reticent and kept apart with Mr. 

Song when he moved closer to her.    
Sam was confused why she would come here, now that she was reluctant to do such a job.    

"Mr. Lin?" Linda called. She was a little agitated when she saw that Sam kept focusing on Autumn.  

'Why all of the men who I am interested in would only cast their eyes upon Autumn? It seems that there is no chance for me wherever she is.' Linda wondered.    

"Mr. Lin......" Linda was reconciled to accept this truth, so she raised her voice and got closer to Sam. "I am sincere. As long as you will cooperate with Shining Company, I promise you that I will do whatever you ask me to."    

Linda was confident about her beauty. She thought she had a good understanding about men and she was clear what kind of woman a man likes the most.    

Therefore, she devoted herself to lure Sam in front of her.  

She had noticed that he didn't wear a ring. "If I can seduce him successfully, perhaps I will be well-known someday. After all, Charles has been married. And I am unable to be his wife anymore but could only be a mistress of him even if he would like to be with me." Linda thought.    

That was why she changed her mind the moment she met Sam.    

Unexpectedly, Sam ignored her directly. But Sam's assistant Peter stood up, smiling faintly to her. 

"Miss Linda, Mr. Lin feels ill these days. I have got a suggestion. Why not allow me to drink this glass of spirit for him? I am glad to make friends with you. And don't worry. 

We also intends to cooperate with Shining Company." "  

As soon as he said this, Peter took the goblet and emptied the glass of spirit in a shot. Linda was unable to stop him but only stared without a blink.    

Now that Peter drank it, Linda had no choice but to finish her glass of spirit as well.    

But she never expected such an indifferent attitude from Sam.    

"It seems that you are quite a good drinker, Miss Zhao." Sam finally talked to her after she drank off. "I am afraid that this is not your first time drinking. You seem experienced to such occasions, right?"  

A smile froze on her face after hearing that. Absolutely, it was not her first time drinking. 

Charles often took her to join such business engagements. And he never saved her from facing a dilemma, but allowed others to flirt with her. Gradually, Linda learnt how to cope with it and became experienced. Generally, she would only be molested by their male clients, but would not suffer from any losses. 


  1. Pretender it seems your pretence can not help you. Linda your days are numbered



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