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Season 1

Episode 62

(She can't go)

"You are not?" Charles Lu frowned. 

Autumn Ye was acting a bit of modest under his gaze. Indeed, she had even thought about the togetherness of Charles and Yvonne Gu seriously.    

Autumn went silent.    

Charles put a stop to the arguments and said to Autumn, "Well, I am not blaming you. I just hope that you are not so stubborn in the future. 

You should tightly hold on to what is rightfully yours if someone tries to take it away."  

"I see."    

Autumn sniffed and was about to burst into tears, "So… are you still going to have dinner with Yvonne?"    
"Of course I'm going to." Charles nodded faintly. "Now that I have accepted her invitation, of course I should go, but…"    

"But what?"    

"But I have my own agenda. I'm just going to show up there and then I will come back home, all right?" 

Charles waited for Autumn's approval. She smiled back and nodded.    

Seeing that there was only a sandwich in Autumn's hand, Charles asked, "David told me you went for lunch with Linda. How come you came back only with a sandwich?"  

"I am not hungry." Autumn shrugged. Although she put it concisely, Charles understood what she meant.    

"About today… I knew the fact that Linda started it but it was Jenny Ding whom I fired. Will you blame me for that?" Hearing what Charles had just said, Autumn was astonished.    

She was surprised to know that Charles was aware of the real side of Linda.    

"And you..." Charles burst into laughter before she continued.

  "What? You are wondering why I still keep her even knowing who she really is?" Charles asked.    

Autumn shook her head slightly and quickly figured it out, "Why should I blame you?"    

Charles sighed. "Linda's got certain capabilities although her personal characters are not decent. Unlike her, Jenny Ding is purely brainless. 

As long as she stays in the office, she will always try to make things difficult for you. But Linda... she won't go too far. I can't fire them both at the same time. After all, there are a lot of things to do in the company, so... be careful when you get along with her in the future, I won't be able to protect you all the time. "  

"Do not worry, I understand." 

Autumn smiled. Charles's concerns were pretty much understandable, how could she blame him?    

"Well, I will go back to work now." 

Autumn went back to her desk. It was not long before Linda came back. She looked very calm, as if nothing had happened before.    

"Ye, please help me print this document, Mr. Lu needs it tomorrow."    

"Ye, can you please bring this reimbursement form to Finance Department? Thank you."    


Linda shoved most of her work to Autumn with big smiles on her face. 

Autumn didn't turn her down if she was not too occupied.    

Linda stopped Autumn before she was leaving the office, "Ye, I know it was your first day at work and I should not bother you with this, but my hands are tight so I am asking for your help."    

Linda was smiling. As common saying goes, don't be angry with those who are in smiles, Autumn didn't get angry and just asked faintly, "What's the matter?"    

Working overtime at the Cloud Company was common for Autumn. Although it was her first day here today, reasonable overtime was no big deal to her.  

"Here is the thing…" Linda paused and then continued. "I have a contract negotiation this evening and Jenny Ding was supposed to go with me. Now that she is gone, I can't do it alone, so I have to ask you to go with me."    

"Contract negotiation at this hour of the night?" Autumn frowned. She vaguely guessed what Linda meant for, but couldn't help confirming, "When will the meeting end?"    

"It's very simple, just having dinner together with the other party. All you need to do is co-operate and help me occasionally with a few words. 

After all, you are now working at Shining and will be involved in this in the future. So take today as a learning session." Linda informed her but Autumn already knew that they were mostly supposed to suffer some losses at such a dinner party.  

"Linda, don't you have an appointment with Mr. Song tonight?" David Fan frowned slightly. 

Hearing that Linda was actually taking Autumn to a dinner party, he was more than horrified. If Mr. Lu knew about it, he would turn green-eyed with jealousy.    

So Linda was not creating any trouble for Autumn in public but was playing all kinds of tricks behind her back, in a way that it left no evidence to others.  

"Yes." Linda slightly nodded and told David, "It was originally the joint responsibility of Jenny and myself. Now that she's gone, I think Autumn should learn to take over. Is that a problem?"    

David said with a poker face, "You are such an acquaintance of Mr. 
Song, so the dinner party is nothing but just a formality. Ye is different from you. You can go on your own. Do not take her with you."    

"Different? Different how?" Linda smirked inside and continued talking to David, "David, what do you mean? Mr. Song is a famous lady-killer in the circle, and yes, I have been up my alley dealing with him and won't suffer a great deal. But you know, every time I have dinner with Mr. Song, I got drunk. If there wasn't Jenny to take me home, how could I remain safe and sound? 

Now that she is gone, do you want me to go alone?"  

"After all, I am a woman too. If Ye goes, at least she can get me home safely, can't she?" Linda frowned. 

She had justified herself and David could not retort.    

And unfortunately Charles was not in the office at the moment. There was no way that David could stop Linda.    

"If you can't do it alone, go to the PR Department and get somebody to go with you. It's final that Ye can't go!" She was the dear wife of Charles, how could she be the one to entertain someone else at the table?  

David wasn't looking down on Linda at all. On the contrary Linda devoted herself to work wholeheartedly. She was also very consistent at winning contracts. So, David always thought highly of her. However, if she could went for the client dinner, it didn't mean that Ye should go as well.    

"How about…I go with you?" David looked around the empty office. It wasn't logical to call someone from the PR Department at such a time, so he offered to go himself.  

"No!" Linda answered firmly, "David, you and I work in the same office. 

You know better than me what kind of person Mr. Song is. If I take you to dinner today, do you think he will sign the contract for me?"

Sadly, a woman has to suffer a few losses, in order to gain a foothold in the society. 

David understood this very well. And this was the exact reason why he couldn't risk Autumn going.




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