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Season 1

Episode 61

(Charles intentions)

Linda took Autumn to a restaurant. 

She handed her the menu with a big smile and said, "This restaurant is well known for its delicious food. 

Have a look and you can order whatever you want. Please don't stand on ceremony."    

However, Autumn only ordered two dishes. Linda furrowed her brows and turned to the waiter. She ordered some other dishes without taking a look at the menu. "Well, if it is not enough, I will order some more later."    

"That's enough for the two of us. Maybe we wouldn't be able to finish even this." Autumn hastily told her.

 Linda gave her a glass of lemonade and said, "It is your first day here, so there should be a reception in honor of you."    

"Are you familiar with this place?" 

Autumn asked. Just as the old saying goes: people should take things as they come. Thinking of this, Autumn calmed down. She also wanted to figure out what Linda had got up in her sleeves.    

"Yes. I used to eat here with Jenny." 

Linda pretended to mention Jenny unintentionally, and then she made a pretense of embarrassment. She clamped her hand over her mouth. 

Linda explained to Autumn, "I am sorry. I didn't mean to mention Jenny to you."  

"It doesn't matter." Autumn smiled sardonically to herself, but she still acted as if nothing had happened. "I will never care about it." Autumn added.    

Linda was insatiable since Autumn did answer back, so she started talking about things that always revolved around Jenny. "Autumn, In fact, I never expected that Jenny would detest you like that. Before you came here, Jenny had lost her heart to Mr. Lu. Perhaps she is just afraid that you will take her beloved, so she treated you like that."  

"Really?" Autumn replied indifferently and continued, "But it is all over now. "    

"I just feel pity for her." Obviously, Linda was not going to spare her so easily, so she went on. "Though Jenny is a disagreeable bad-tempered woman, she is competent. Mr. Lu always gives her important tasks. She would do a good job on time, so Mr. Lu was always freed from worry."    

Saying this, Linda sighed and continued, "But now she has left and all of the work is going to be handed over to us. It means the workload will be burden-some."    

Autumn was in a bad mood because of Yvonne, so she was even more distracted when she heard Linda complaining about work. "I will take charge of Jenny's work and I will do mine too. So you don't have to worry about that." 

Autumn was annoyed now.  

"I didn't mean that." With a passive smile, Linda looked at Autumn and explained, "We are workmates, so it is natural that we should cooperate at work. I just feel weird that why Mr. Lu would fire her so easily. He even took the slap from Jenny for you. Ye, what is your relationship with Mr. Lu?"    

"Obviously, it is a superior-subordinate relationship." Autumn replied to her impatiently. Linda's real purpose was to find out her relationship with Charles. 

 "Is there nothing else apart from a professional relationship?" It seemed that Linda was determined to make a detailed inquiry about that. "Everyone in the company knows that the woman who came to you today is Mrs. Lu's sister, and you know her well. So I am afraid that it is not just professional between you and Mr. Lu."    

"What do you want to know from me?" Autumn asked her directly.    

"Nothing." Linda went on with a smile, "Don't be so disgruntled. I just take you as my friend since you are my workmate now. So it is just girl's talk. Don't be so serious."  

"I am your friend?"    

Autumn stared at Linda and smiled grimly. "Linda, you were being sarcastic to me with Jenny before Mr. Lu showed up. But you came to make it up with me because Jenny got fired. I know you think that I must have an ambiguous relationship with Mr. Lu."    

"Don't speak like that. I invited you for a meal, because I really want to make friends with you."    

"Make friends with me?" Autumn laughed sarcastically and went on, "I am sorry. I am a picky woman. Though I never select specific people as my friends, I know clearly that who I am not going to be friends with."  

"You......" Linda was startled. She never expected that Autumn would decline her directly. "Ye, I know I have wronged you. But I have also made my apologies. What else do you expect?"    

"I don't expect anything." Having said this, Autumn stood up. "I come here to work instead of making friends. And to be frank, I don't have an ambiguous relationship with Mr. Lu. What's more, please don't be so hypocritical. Though we are in the same office, it is enough for us to be workmates. I think now, you may not want to be friends with me at all. Well, fortunately, I have the same intention for you."  

Autumn turned around to leave, and left her alone there.    

Autumn bought a sandwich from a cafe house nearby. When she went upstairs she happened to meet Charles.    

Charles waited for Autumn for a long time. But it was not until he went out that he found she had already left. It drove him mad.    

"Where have you been?" No one was present in the office at that time, so Charles held her hands tightly while asking her.    

"You're hurting me." Autumn frowned. Somehow she felt embarrassed to meet him.  

The thought of Charles dining alone with Yvonne in the evening made her a little upset.    

Hearing that, Charles loosened his grip. "Where did you go? Do you know that I have been looking for you?"    

It was her first day to work.. He was going to take her out for a feast, but he didn't expect that they would get angry with each other.    

Autumn's face darkened with anger. She looked at him face to face. 

"Why are you looking for me? Why not go to dine with Yvonne?"    

Charles was happy to hear this, because now he knew that she was jealous.  

Getting close to her, he acted like a spoiled kid. "What's wrong? Are you jealous?"    

"No. Of course I am not!" Obviously, Autumn was not going to admit that. "You are my superior while I am just your secretary. I dare not get angry with you."    

"I am sure you are jealous." Charles said firmly. "Ye, I hope you have stopped me when I called her before. I know she is your sister, but now I am your husband. We are a family. I know you are furious, but I arranged a job for her. I don't hope that you will keep pushing me away further. Do you understand me?"  

"That's not true." Autumn suddenly felt regretful knowing his true intention. She had been hesitant because of her identity, but Charles was completely frank with her now. 
He told her that he loved her instead of Yvonne. 
She became cheerful hearing this. 



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