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{ the glitch } 



"Having fun without me??" I heard his deep voice.
My hand formed a feist , anger flowed through my veins as I saw his devilish face.

He had a smirk on. He stood by the entrance door , everyone turned to look at him.

"Get outta my mansion or you gonna regret ever coming here." I spat.

"Temper temper brother. I didn't come here to make noise." He smiled and I noticed kelly had this scared look on.

I grab hold of her hand and ran my thumb on it.

"I won't repeat myself."I growled and next he pulled a gun at me . everyone screamed in terror and stepped away from us.

"I told you I didn't come here to rant. Now listen and listen good, the girl is coming with me " he cocked the gun .

"Never!!" He roared angrily and he smacked my lips with the gun busting it in the process .

" Omg are you okay?"kelly gasps and wanted attending to me but Dex pointed a gun at her making her stop dead on her track...

I glance at the kids, they were scared to death and devastated.

"Don't hurt her okay? Stay back babe." I signaled her and she knew I wanted her to be by the kids.

I need to distract him in order to take the gun from him.

"That's so thoughtful of you bro too bad I'll be taking your most treasured possession." He winked at Katherine.

"Why are you doing this huh?" I decided to stall.

"Simple to take back everything you stole from me. To watch you suffer the same way I did.  " he half yelled.

"Its no one's fault mom kept you a secret. Look it doesn't have to end this way." I said making eye contact with him as I move towards him slowly.

"Don't you dare bring mom into this !!" He raised his voice at me.

I grabbed hold of his gun unaware and we both began to struggle for the gun.

We struggled for awhile before I successfully got hold of the gun but unfortunately the gun had been fired.




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