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{ the glitch } 


Kelly Harrison.

He pulled from the kiss and held my palm before going down on his knees.

"I know have not been the perfect gentleman you've always wanted , it was just a dream which turned reality. Amongst my imperfections,in all this  God created a perfect match.

" he created an angel who I can't do without an angel who shines brightest among stars. Am not so good at proposals . will you do me the honor of being my bride?" He brought out a ring with tiny pieces of emerald embedded around it.

I covered my mouth with my palm for i was too excited.

He looked at me nervously expecting my answers. 

I was overwhelmed and screamed a big yes!

"Yes ! Yes ! Thank you thank you." He slide the ring into my finger and stood up.

He swung me around before crashing his lips on mine for a brief kiss.

After giving him a brief kiss he held my hand . a fulfill man and led me into the dark mansion.

Gush am so happy. If this Is some kind of dream then some should better pinch me.

I wanted asking why it was so dark but the lights came back on immediately.

"Surprise!!" I heard everyone's voice.

I gasps and glance around the room filled with familia faces and a big flex banner congratulating me.

"Mom  " I cooed and ran into her arms like a kid.

"My baby am so happy for you.thanks for making me proud." She smiled brightly and hug me again.

My sisters came closer and hugged me too.

"Thanks so much everyone for being part of this blissful moment in my life. " I thank everyone present at the party.

"Not so fast everyone." I heard a familiar voice.

My face darken when I saw who it.

How dare him try to show his face to me.




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