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{ the glitch } 


Travis Harrison.

"Common girls are you sure this plan of yours will work?" I scratched the back of my head.

"Chillax bro we got this . I know my sister will definitely be thrilled with this proposal plan." Karissa smirked.

I don't know why I'm being so nervous at the moment.

I remembered vividly how I proposed to my late wife and I wasn't this nervous.

With Kelly everything is so different. She's in deed my Charlie angel 

" are you sure?" I raised my eyebrows.

"100% sure. All you have to do is take her away and bring her back in few minutes." Katherine spoke and I nodded.

" thanks girls for your help I'll get going now." I thank them and left their house.

Mrs Harrison was on noon shift at the hospital.

I walked towards my car and drove home.

Kelly should be at home and the kids are at school.


I parked my car and walked towards the entrance of the mansion only to me jumped on by Kelly..

Is it me or is she getting more beautiful by the minutes.

"_hey babe." I picked her on the lips and she chuckled.

"What's up hunn you're quite early." She said with both hands encircled around my neck.

"Yeah I realized I haven't taken my baby out in a while now. Come come let's go have some fun okay?"  I chuckled nervously.

' oh common !! We went on a date yesterday remember?" She caught me off guard.

"Well I insist on showing you off.let's go let's go."  I pulled her to the car to avoid further questioning.

I took her to a shopping mall and bought some many things even though she kept nagging about not needing any of what I bought.

Finally I got the signal and drove her back home.

"You're one hell of a crazy person." She pulled my ear playfully.

"I love you and I know you love me too." I smiled and there was a spark in her eyes.

She pulled me closer and gave me a brief kiss.



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