Wednesday, 29 July 2020



{ the glitch } 


Travis Williamson.

I led her upstairs to my room and also brought some tea for her.

after having tea she sat down on the bed watching tv
I crawled into bed and pulled her to me before cuddling with me.

" am so happy." I mumbled.

"Tell me what's making this gorgeous dude happy." She chuckled softly.

"Am so happy I got my source of happiness back. Am so happy you're happy." I trailed my fingers on my cheek caressing his slowly.

My attention landed on her lips . gush I miss kissing those soft lips of hers no more.

Her lips were patted slightly in a sexy way ,making me want her more.

I slowly brought my face closer and took her soft babyish lips in mine and kissed her tenderly .

It felt like highschool over again.

We kissed Passionately as our tongues fought for dominances.

It was more like she was also on fire.

She held on to me as I trailed kisses all over face down to her neckline.

She moan softly as I bit her ear lobe teasingly.

I planted soft kisses all over down to her cleavage and slowly undid her zipper.

Omg my baby is so hurt. Makes me want her even more.

She wore a matching bra and pant. Victoria secret.

I took out her titts and suck on it pretty good and also gave equal judgment to the other one.

Her moans sent sensational feeling down my spine to my little man.

I groan softly when I felt my hardness.

She held on to me urging me not to stop as I planted hickeys all her.

I knelt in between her thighs and slowly pulled down her pants .

I toss it across the room and focus more on her .she fondle with my hair as I lean in and took her lips in mine again.

I got in between her legs and held on to her thighs firmly and brought my tongue to her clit.

She shuttered as sucked her pretty good in no time her orgasm were all over the bed.

Took off my shorts and stayed in between her legs .
I took her long spotless legs and wrapped it around my waist.

Slowly I thrust into her tenderly not to hurt her.

It was then I decided to propose to her.
Yes am gonna make her my wife.



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