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{ the glitch } 


Travis Williamson.

Its been days since the love of my life walked outta my life and its all my fault.

I can't believe I let myself to be tricked by Michael all in the name of business. I never knew Stephanie could go to this extent.

I stepped outta my car and walked towards my company. The securities greeted but I ignored for I wasn't in the mood for petty greetings.

I walked pass all my staffs coldly and entered the elevator which took me upstairs to my office.

I got to my office and dumped my briefcase on the couch.

No matter how hard I try. I can't seem to be able to focus without kelly.

She's my distraction and also what keeps going...

I could still hear the sound of her laughter in my head and how she would make fun of me .

She's the best thing that's ever happened to me yet I screwed things up.

I doubt if she'll ever forgive me.

The door to my office flung open revealing the devil herself.
My anger rose the moment I set eyes on her.

"What are you doing here!!!" I growled at her.

"Relax big boy I only came to talk to you plus I still remembered how you f**ked the shit outta me. Oh damn you were so good." It came outta her mouth like a moan.

I watched her move close to me touching her body trying to get herself horny I get.

I smirked as she had come even closer.

"You know you can still have me right here right now on this desk making me scream your name like a wild cat. Am offering you something your girl....

I grabbed hold of her neck and slammed on the desk roughly.

"Don't you dare compare your filthy self with kelly in your entire miserable life."  My eyes had darken in anger..

"Let me go freak you're hurting me." She tries to break my grip on her throat.

In as much as I was tempted to strangle the life outta her but I couldn't that would one make me like them 

"Listen closely b*tch!! I love Kelly and there's nothing anyone can do about it plus stop comparing your worthless body with hers. This should be the last time you would come anywhere near me or my loved ones else I won't hesitate to suck out the light life outta you." I threatened before letting go of her and pushed her to the ground.

She stared at me in fear before picking up her shoes and ran Out ta my office.

I sighed tiredly. Good riddance.

With everything that just went down now i would like to pay Kelly a visit .

I just hope she forgives me.




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