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{ the glitch } 


Kelly Harrison.
I Stayed in my room for days and refused to go out or speak with anyone.

A slight knock landed on my door and mom walked right in with the same worried look she had the very first day I returned home.

"Do you wanna talk about it baby? You know you can always talk to me." She stroked my hair and tears threatened to fall.

"Am pregnant mom." I spoke and let out the tears I was holding back.

She kept quiet for some time before pulling me into a hug.

"Ssh baby don't cry am here now." She said and am glad its off my chest.

She broke the hug and smiled at me.

"Is that why you have decided to stay in here for days? Besides does he  know?"nshe and  I could hear my heart beating faster than usual.

"He knows mom!!_ but he screwed up everything." I half yelled in tears and she hugged me again....

"I know what you are going through but still you don't have to shut the whole world out." She said and sigh....

I nodded with my head down. I couldn't even look at her directly for I was ashamed.

"I bought you breakfast you need to eat for the baby' s sake." She smiled and Patted my shoulders.

Oh mom I could I ever do without her?

I picked up the cutlery and began to eat like a normal person.

My eyes become glossy as tears had gathered around my eyes.

I remembered vividly how he would feed me breakfast and ended up playing chess with me.

I smiled out tears when I remembered he was so scared of spiders he would ask for his house to be recleaned.

Won't deny the fact that I miss him so much but Unfortunately he screwed things up.

"I'll be downstairs if you need anything dear." Mom pecked my forehead before walking outta my room..

I stopped eating and pushed the tray aside.

I got under the duvet and covered myself up as good memories of him kept running through my head. I closed my eyes and thought about Ivy.

Oh no she must be devastated now. I shouldn't have left her alone. And yet I had to leave.

I couldn't live with the fact that he slept with the strange lady.

My phone buzzing sound got my attention.

I picked it up and glance at it. 

It was a call from Dex. Have been avoiding him too. Even though I could really use the comfort of a best friend .

I sigh sadly and toss the phone aside.

Maybe all of this was a mistake.



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