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{ the glitch } 



I gasps and covered my mouth with my palm as tears roll down my cheeks.

All o could think of were him and what I saw. 
I held the door for balance.

"Are you OK miss?" I heard the doctor's voice and that how it started.

I nodded positively and tried to walk outta his office but still I couldn't get myself together I keep falling and crashing into things.

My vision has been clowded but tears i could barely see. I fell down again with my eyes close only this time I passed out.


I groan hard as I slowly opened my eyes. Gush my head hurts pretty hard.

What the hell happened?? I blinked rapidly till my vision became clear...

This isn't my room where am I.

I turned to glance at my side only to see the impossible. I jumped outta the bed immediately....

That was when I noticed that I was naked.

My clothes were scattered all over the floor.

"What the heck!!!" I half yelled and she woke up smiling.

"B**ych! What are doing here? And why are you laughing!!" I growls.

"Oh come on baby boo don't act like you didn't enjoy that ."she said seductively.

"Shut the f**k up !! I won't you to tell me that hell why you're naked in a room with me !!" I could feel my heart rate increasing.

"Easy baby but remember technology don't lie. " she smirked and picked up my cellphone before doing a few clivks then passed the phone to me.

I took it and glance at the screen but what I saw gave me whiskers.

No this isn't possible.

It can't be.

"Sorry darling business ."she winked.



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